For the embodied empathic womxn leader and healer who has escaped a narcissistic abusive relationship, but still feels confused, trapped and is constantly maddeningly doubting herself… welcome to the Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood.  As you walk through the Elemental Initiations that take you from fragmented to free, you will reclaim your self-sourced power, purpose, passion and prosperity.



welcome home



learning the art of being human


welcome home



A fierce believer in the sacredness of being human and all the experiences that come with it, Miranda Sophia is devoted to getting to know herself in the deepest and most expansive ways in every experience, relationship and moment that life offers her. Through her courage and willingness to dance with her shadows, walk through the fire, and celebrate in her light, she stands as a beacon, a guide, a teacher, a facilitator, a space holder and a sister for others to do the same. By sharing herself fully in her wisdom and vulnerability, Miranda Sophia creates a safe container for women to come home to themselves and embody their innate divinity.

events & happenings


Find the yoga, meditation and movement medicine classes to best support you on your exploration and journey back into your body and into presence, as you weave yourself back into wholeness.

circles & workshops

Gather in a safe and non-judgemental space to experience offerings that will give you space, tools, guidance and support to move you into a place of more deeply knowing yourself and fierce self-love.


Take time and space to explore a deeper relationship with self, spirit and sisterhood. Learn ways of radical regulation, unconditional acceptance and safe self-expression. Connect, learn,
explore, play, celebrate, feel, heal, remember.

“Miranda is 100% ALL IN. She is wholeheartedly committed to providing each student with the utmost innovative, wise and always supportive sequences. As a yoga teacher myself, I am always on the prowl for inspirational fuel that will assist my personal practice. MirAnanda Yoga classes offer both the priceless food for thought + Soul + the beginner’s-mind experience, as well as teachings that beautifully blend challenge with compassion! Eternally grateful. Life-long participant.

— Jenn A, Port Hope, ON




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