Nervous System Resilience, Somatic Attachment
& Boundary Repair

Integrate your past so you can experience more
ease, clarity & fulfillment  
in your mind, body & relationships


I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Miranda Sophia, Integrative Trauma Practitioner and Somatic Relationship Coach, circle facilitator, community gatherer, teacher and forever student, based out of the small beach town on the traditional lands of the traditional land of the Mississaugas and Chippewas of the Anishinabeg, also known as Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. I am a single mother, lover of humans and Nature, dedicated student of all things life and becoming more alive, and devoted to doing my part in creating more diverse, abundant and joyful life for all beings. 

You may have arrived here if you:

  • Are desiring safe and secure, nourishing and abundant, joyful and fulfilling relationships – from partnership to parenting, from your body to the Earth, from family to community, from your work in the world to the unseen world…

  • Are a therapist, bodyworker, educator, yoga & meditation teacher, coach, wellness professional or healer that is seeking compassion-oriented somatic support to digest  your own history in a way that will allow you to be more  attuned to with your clients, patients and students & effective with your work…

  • Identify as an empath, creative, cycle breaker, black sheep, mystic or spiritual seeker, or leader of a new way, ready to align with your purpose and embody the medicine you came here to be and offer the world…

  • Are ready to take small, doable steps towards melting the places that have had to over-hold and valiantly protect, filling up into the spaces that have been abandoned, unshaming and reclaiming the places that may have been denied, rejected or deeply hurt, calling home the parts that have been lost or forgotten, and illuminating and amplifying the gifts, medicine and wholeness that is already there…

  • Know you have a history of trauma – childhood, relational, surgeries, abuse including sexual, accidents/injuries, birth (your own or your children’s), etc – that is expressing as chronic health and/or relational challenges, have maybe explored other healing modalities, and are ready to take the next step with somatic attachment repair and trauma resolution to get to the roots and finally experience relief and freedom from your past…


  • Are craving a safe and nurturing space to attune to layers of support and protection, to repair boundaries & develop a resilient sense of self and regulation, no matter what is happening in life and the world around you…

  • Are a cycle breaker of your lineage, ready to meet pre & peri natal, ancestral & past life history, alchemizing the past to create new future potentials and realities… 

If this is you, I’m with you, and I’m here to meet you at this phase of your journey, supporting you through Soul Embodiment work, so you can…


Like the acorn holds all of the information it needs to become the oak tree, your body and mind hold the blueprint for you to become the fullest and most whole version of you. This blueprint holds the information for how to heal, what is needed and in what timing. It is always communicating this, however, trauma (overwhelming stress that has not been metabolized and may be looping on repeat as embodied memories) may be imprinted into your body, mind and relationships, having you living inside incomplete history and relating and perceiving the world through a physiology of the past. This may show up as mental, emotional or physical symptoms or illness, repeating challenging relationship dynamics, or feeling disconnected from or blocked around your purpose.


The good news is, your blueprint is always available to access and the imprints can melt and metabolize, freeing the energy that had been holding them in place and allowing you to arrive more fully in present time and into a state of ease, clarity, calm, and connected with increased creative capacity to experience life the way you desire and deserve. New possibilities and realities emerge through the alchemical process of Soul Embodiment.


If this sounds like it could be just the thing you’ve been looking for, I’d love to connect with you for a complimentary 60 minute Clarity Call, where we can see if it’s a right fit for us to work together.

“Her nervous system had been through so much. She decided to spend the rest of her life calming the inflammation. Thoughts, feelings, memories, behaviour, relations. She soothed it all with deep, Loving breaths and gentle practices. The softer she became with herself, the softer she became with the world, which became softer with her. She birthed a new generational cycle: Peace.”
– Jaiya John

Soul Embodiment

Repair boundaries, rewrite repeating relational patterns to healthy, fulfilling love, develop a resilient sense of self through meeting unmet needs (including pre & peri natal, ancestral & past life healing), create the conditions for embodied safety and freedom, metabolize undigested trauma imprints back to their blueprint of health, and feel more aligned, nourished and radiant in your mind, body, relationships and work in the world.

Reflections on working together from clients:

She meets you EXACTLY where you are at.
Her presence is SO accepting and nurturing.
She’s a genius. She possesses an out of this world mastery, she’s precise and gifted, she’s got no agenda and she truly cares truly about you.
Highly skilled facilitator – her attention to the subtleties behind what I share allow things to deepen and open up new possibilites for me.
She is a safe, gentle guide who holds space to allow one to find their own path to healing.

Incredible knowledge and a great resource of information in both science and spirituality.

I know her journey to get to this place has not been easy, and yet she fully embodies a healer without any of the negative weight that would have propelled her into this becoming.

Gentle & fiercely loving.

She ensures you feel safe, heard and honoured.

Permission-giving, invitational.

Intelligent & empowering.

Unique and unequivocally priceless.

Her manner is driven with gentleness and love for humanity and the people she’s working with.

Intentional and thoughtful with guiding her clients through their hard work with great consideration for their capacity and ability.

There isn’t a feeling of hierarchy in the learning atmosphere. She feels like a friend and sister even when teaching and guiding.

Wanna see if working together is the next right step for you? Schedule a complimentary 60 minute Clarity Call:

Schedule a clarity call

I feel truly blessed and privileged to experience Miranda’s wholesome and supportive guidance. Her work has truly enriched my life, both personally and professionally.
I’ve never experienced such a relatable system as the path to my SovereignQueen. Walking through these Elemental Initiations, EVERY puzzle piece of my life seemed to click together. This process provided me with great clarity, and seemed to ‘clear the path’ for me to move forward.
When working with Miranda, I always feel like I’m being heard intimately. I feel understood. She has a gift of listening intentionally, while holding intimate space without judgement.
Deep bow sister. In gratitude for all you’ve taught me and helped me process to clear the way for all my greatness.

With much love and adoration,

— Tanya G




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