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1 or 2 month programs for healing, embodiment & transformation (custom packages available)


Thank you for being here. Thank you for following the pull of curiosity on what is available for you as support and mentorship through your healing and embodiment transformation. This program is for those who are ready to dive deep, to reconcile with past wounds, to rewrite limiting beliefs, find belonging within and cultivate fierce self-love. This is an investment to come home to yourself, to remember your deepest truths and to unlock your greatest gifts and joy through the intelligence of your body. Please take your time on this page to read, to feel, to listen, and know that you can connect with me at any time with questions or for clarity.


our journey together Includes:

-complimentary 20 minute call to share, ask questions, get to know one another and decide if we are a good fit
-4 or 8 weekly in person (Port Hope, Ontario) or Skype sessions (intro session is 2 hours, remaining sessions are 1.5 hours)
-weekly deepening practices, which could include journaling exercises, bioenergetic exercises, meditations, breath work, etc
-email support throughout
-option to create custom program for moving forward

Miranda makes me feel that there is at least one person in the world who gets me. Everything she does comes from a place of deep compassion and luminous love.
— L.P.


My Why

For most of my life, I moved throughout the world with the driving belief that there was something wrong with me. There was something wrong with me for for being powerful, for feeling way too much sometimes and being numb and depressed other times, for wanting things, for being beautiful, for being selfish, for desiring to be seen and heard, for knowing things about others and being able to see through their masks, for wanting certain kinds of relationships and not others, for not giving enough, for saying that thing or for not saying that thing, for enjoying spending time on myself, and so on.

Though I had many friends and was always involved in teams and projects and cooperatives, I never felt like I belonged. I was outgoing, connected and involved, yet I had created a wall between myself and the outside world, for fear that someone would see that there was something wrong with me. I shut down and locked up all the fear, the guilt, the shame, the grief, and also the joy, the fun, the pleasure, the aliveness.

Despite eating and living a very clean and healthy life, my body and mind were quickly breaking down.

I was in pain, and the people I shared my pain with (friends, family, practitioners, healers, etc) would brush it off, not believe me, amplify it, get really uncomfortable around me or feel sorry for me, try to fix me, or be in agreement with my inner belief that there was something wrong with me. 

After a long journey of desperately seeking the solution to whatever it was that was wrong with me, I came across many temporary solutions, but nothing that fixed me, that made all the pain and numbness and discomfort within me go away. 

Eventually this seeking brought me to studies in mind-body integration and somatic therapies. In (very) short summary, these embodiment and nervous system practices + my studies in trauma and how our bodies truly work, have radically changed my life. I began to understand that there wasn't actually something wrong with me, that I wasn't broken (injured yes, but injuries can heal), that my body and my emotions were incredibly intelligent and were always working to move back into balance, it was all of the patterns I had developed that were getting in its way. 

As I continued my healing and training, I reconnected to my internal guidance system and higher guidance system, developing a sacred relationship to Spirit and to myself. I would have periods of time where I would be SO connected and SO aligned, but would then fall back into old patterns. This turned out to be an invitation to surrender deeper into the fiercely loving mama bear that was being born within me, who loved me equally when I was in beautiful alignment and connection AND when I was stuck, feeling broken and alone. This fierce self-love and deep remembrance of the sacredness of my WHOLE experience is a radical transformation from the head/heart/body/emotional space I had spent the majority of my life in. Through this alchemizing of my injuries to my gifts, as well as my commitment to myself and this path every moment of every day, I have found the place from which I am here to serve.

It has come down to this soul-cellular remembrance and truth for me: It is ALL holy, it is ALL sacred. It is all part of the whole-ness of being divinely human. Divinity expressing through a human experience. There is no such thing as being broken. There is only resistance to the perfection that we already are.

For so long we have forgotten our light. We have denied ourselves the sacredness of the full spectrum of experiences of being human, in turn building up subconscious programs of fear, guilt, shame, grief, and others, that drive our thoughts, words, actions and reactions for most of our life. These programs create patterns that continue to move us away from our body, away from our emotions, away from our power, away from ourselves, and into suffering, disconnection and a lack of sense of who we are and where we belong.
You belong right here, in your body. You belong to you.

Through an allowance and acceptance of all that is and all that we are, a sense of fierce self love and devotion is built/remembered. It is an ever-unfolding journey with no beginning and no ending point.

If you don't yet have access to that fierce self-love within, I am here to be your reference point; to be your beacon of light to stand in the embodied truth that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are not broken; to reflect what is available and possible within you; to guide you and walk beside you; to teach you how to access the blueprint of your full expression of light; to educate you on the innate intelligence of your wisdom body. It would be an absolute honour to work with you in this way and to pass along the tools that have radically transformed my own life.


Miranda, you have been the gentlest, most knowledgeable, fearless guide/teacher. You have this amazing gift of showing the way but also letting us get there on our own time, in our own way. You are the fiercest, most beautiful soul. My heart is filled with gratitude just for having met you.
— D.S.


what the program looks like:

We begin with a complimentary 20 minute call/skype where you can share what you feel comfortable sharing and ask any questions you have. It is of utmost importance to me that you feel like this mentorship will be a safe and sacred place for you to unfold, and that the people who sign up for this program are a good fit for me.

If we decide that we are a good fit, I will send you an invoice, which can be paid by e transfer or credit card.

Once payment is received, you will receive a worksheet to fill out to prepare you for the first session.

Next we will schedule 4 or 8 sessions, which can be done via Skype or in person in Port Hope, Ontario. The first session will be 90-minutes to 2 hours, the following will be about 90 minutes.


After each session you will leaving feeling lighter, more grounded, more in tune and in touch with your body, empowered and free in the area where you were feeling fear, guilt, shame, grief, or attachment.


In between sessions, you will be given deepening practices to work with throughout the week, which could be journaling, bioenergetic exercises, breath work, awareness techniques, etc). I will also be available for you via email, checking in and sending you related inspiration, thoughts and guidance. 

Once the program is complete, if you are wishing to continue, we will curate a personal plan to meet you where you are at moving forward. You will also be added to my private Facebook group where you can stay in touch and connect with others who are walking this path alongside you.

You may also benefit greatly from joining in sisterhood for this year's Retreat to Remember :: come home to yourself, a 4-day immersive retreat for the awakening woman who is feeling called to deepen her relationship to herSelf, to reconnect with and turn up the volume to her internal guidance system, and to remember the sacredness that is her very existence. You can find more information here.


Throughout this program you will*:

• Have opportunities to share your story (if you want to, it isn't necessary).

• Learn tools and techniques to navigate and work with what is rising to the surface for you. These may include somatic awareness techniques, bioenergetic exercises, meditation, breath work, journalling prompts, and more.

• Unravel the defence mechanisms and holding patterns that at one time kept you safe, but are no longer serving you.

• Create a greater resiliency for BEing in your life and meeting what life is serving you.

• Rather than break through blockages, you will build more space and capacity within so the blockage or stuckness can run its course and you can move back into regulation and flow.

• Have a safe space to begin to slowly feel the things that have been locked up, pushed down, avoided and denied within you (this includes your joy).

• Reconnect with and remember how to communicate with your internal and higher guidance systems.

• Regain your sense of self, of where you belong, and learn how to create clear boundaries.

• Receive transformational upgrades on all levels.

• Learn how to BE with yourself, how to be FULL of yourself, how to have your own back, remember your worth, that your voice is necessary, that you are divine and that life is your classroom. These are the new programs that we will be seeding within.


*depending on your needs and what arises for us to navigate and reconcile with


What I stand for:

• The body is innately intelligent, it knows what to do, it knows how to heal, it holds the roadmap or the blueprint to your full expression. 

• Smaller, simpler and gentler is very often the most effective way.

• We must feel to heal. Feeling is our birthright (we don't have to feel it all at once, see above). True and sustainable healing comes through working with the body, the nervous system, and charge (energy/emotion), not just through talking things through (talking is useful but not enough on its own) and intellectually understanding (though embodied understanding often comes through the healing process, which is called wisdom).

• There are no positive and negative emotions. Emotions and sensations are all information and invitations. Getting stuck in or attached to any emotion/feeling/experience/state of being (whether perceived as positive or negative) moves us away from our light and truth.

• You are not broken, there is nothing wrong with you. You are whole and holy.

• You are worthy of being seen, heard, felt and held. You are sacred.

• This is a safe, judgement-free space where you can be FULLY you and you will never be asked to share or do anything that does not feel right for you.

• There is a fiercely loving mama bear inside of you, who has been urgently trying to get your attention and walk you back home.

• I am not here to heal you, fix you or do it for you, I am here to hold safe and sacred space for your unfolding, to gently, fiercely, lovingly guide you back to you, to educate you on how your body-mind and nervous system work and how to listen to the information it is always providing you, and to teach you simple tools to use in your day to day life.


Miranda Sophia is a Guiding Light. She has shown me the way back to my body. Back into feeling all of the feelings I held stuck in myself. She showed me how to honour those parts I shamed or feared and how to let them have their process so I may finally let them go. She could see my patterns and blocks So lovingly. She feircly stood by and held space for me as I gave myself permission to dive deep. And Oh boy..did I feel!!! I have moved SO much trauma, pain and fear, with her by my side. I have never felt so safe, so loved, so understood, and so encouraged by another human being. There was no part of Me that she could not see as Holy and Lovable... and because of that, I can now see myself as Holy and Lovable. Thank you dearest Sister..for doing YOUR work so you can be there for me as I do mine.
— N.L.


Your investment:

Divine human embodiment mentorship
One month 1 on 1 Program

$1100 + HST

• 20 minute initial call

• Intro worksheet

• Four 90 to 120-minute  sessions (1 per week)

• Weekly deepening practices

• Email support throughout


Divine human embodiment mentorship
tWO month 1 on 1 Program

$2000 + HST *

• 20 minute initial call

• Intro worksheet

• Eight 90 to 120-minute sessions (1 per week)

• Weekly deepening practices

• Email support throughout

*You may pay monthly for the 2 month program

Custom sessions and packages available for continuing mentorship.
Payment can be made by cash, e transfer or any major credit card.


I can’t say enough about how Miranda has guided my concepts on living fully with myself. From connecting, to embodying, to transforming - She has helped me in unlocking things that were already inside of me. Not to mention, she is a powerful goddess that is a gift to know. Thank you for allowing me to be me!
— K.C.


Are you ready to come home?

If this is all resonating and you are getting a big HELL YES, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with time/date options for a complimentary feeler call.

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I met you and connected with you at a turning point in my life, literally four days post break down. And ever since then I have been on a journey to be my best self. Because of you. You helped me with meditation and yoga. Gave me tools to help with my mental health. And now you have created a safe space for me and for so many other women. You help me push myself and you support me.
— B.M.