To the women out there who have escaped an emotionally abusive relationship:

I see you.

I see how much strength, endurance, and unwavering knowing of your worth (even if you had to fake it, or were frozen and actually couldn’t feel, or went back and forth for years before being able to follow through.) I see the unbearable pain of life crashing down around you that came after leaving paired with the inexpressible loneliness that paralyzes you.

To the women out there who separated from a narcissistic man years ago and continue to live in survival, still not yet able to find your life-force and vibrancy, still stuck under the curse of him:

I see you.


I see how much time, energy, money, health, connection, and LIFE leaving this relationship has cost you when you deserve more than anything to have your life back, to have yourself back. I see how you might have even forgotten who you were before the relationship, convinced you have always been a worthless piece of shit. I see how the light in you has been dimmed so much you may not even have the motivation to move towards health.



To the women out there who got discarded by a narcissistic man, maybe for no sane reason, maybe because he found another (or multiple other) woman to feed off of:

I see you.

I see the unspeakable amount of pain and confusion that left you shattered to clean up the mess and alone to pick up the pieces of yourself, your family and your life one by one. I see how unfair and fucked up it is that the burden of the clean up and reparation of the shattered life he left are on your shoulders.

To the women out there who remain trapped in an narcissistic abusive relationship:

I see you.

I see the games he plays, the tactics he uses to convince you that it is your fault the relationship isn’t working, that you are the one who is fucked up. I see the times you attempt to leave, only for him to change completely and become the man you have always dreamed of (this only lasts long enough to hoover you back in of course.) I see that crazy fucked up merry-go-round of hell that you can’t find the exit to, and are often convinced that you want to be on.

To the women out there who have just started a relationship with a narcissistic man and are feeling blissful that you finally found the right guy while he love bombs you. To the women out there who are starting to notice things change in your relationship and are incredibly confused:

I see you.

We’ve all been there too. And the Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood will be here for you when you get the strength to leave or he discards you.

To the women out there who have survived one of the most fucked up kind of abuse there is.

I see you.

And… I see you on the other side of this.

I see the long lines of ancestral patterns of abuse and manipulation and slavery that your soul came here to reroute towards health and sovereignty and love.

I see the lifetimes that your soul has trained for this experience, so you could come here to burn up completely and step into a completely new Being, a new paradigm, a new consciousness.

I see you moving through the Elemental Initiations and reclaiming your wholeness.

I see you not piecing yourself back together the way you were before, but creating a whole new, upleveled version of you, who you truly came here to be.

I see you on the front lines of this evolution and revolution.

I see you taking back your power, taking back the keys to your holy temple and sitting in the throne of your body and your life as a SovereignQueen.

I see you on the other side of this, embodying the medicine that you came here to gift to the world.

I see the world Becoming, what Charles Eisenstein calls, the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Because you made it.

Because you had the power to alchemize your pain into medicine.

Because you said yes to you.

In devotion to our sovereignty,
Miranda Sophia

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Photo: Becca Lemire Photography