A fierce believer in the sacredness of being human and all the experiences that come with it, Miranda Sophia is devoted to getting to know herself in the deepest and most expansive ways in every experience, relationship and moment that life offers her. Through her courage and willingness to dance with her shadows, walk through the fire, and celebrate in her light, she stands as a beacon, a guide, a facilitator, a space holder and a sister for others to do the same. By sharing herself fully in her wisdom and vulnerability, Miranda Sophia creates a safe container for women to come home to themselves and embody their innate divinity.  

Teacher, facilitator, writer, mentor and change agent, Miranda Sophia is passionate about marrying science and spirituality together. She has a love affair with the wisdom and language of the body and its ability to heal past wounds and reprogram limiting belief systems, as she journeys through her own healing. She believes deeply in the power of women coming together, creating meaningful relationships, weaving a support net of sisterhood, and lifting one another to their highest potentials. This has proven to be key in her own navigation of the ups and downs of healing childhood trauma and the resulting mark of depression and anxiety.

Through great teachers and her dedication to her studentship, Miranda has cultivated a unique voice and teaching style, as well as a commitment to teach in a way that empowers one with the tools, practices and information they need to step into their own light and embrace their own unique voice and gifts.

She is influenced by several traditions and teachers, as well as the most current and relevant science of our time, is a dedicated independent researcher and student, and has been trained in Chakra Therapy/Mind-Body Integration, Yoga, Meditation, and Biofield Tuning. Somatic practices and nervous system health are foundational to her offerings. 

Miranda Sophia currently facilitates women’s healing & empowerment retreats, bi-monthly women’s circles, offers one-on-one Divine Human Embodiment Mentorship, online group education and exploration, and teaches Chakra Balancing yoga & meditation classes. She just finished co-authoring her first book, Her Art of Surrender, which will be published end of summer 2018. Miranda channels her creative flow by crafting vibrationally attuned + intention infused malas (currently on hold). She also is passionate about Young Living Essential Oils, their healing power on the mind, body and spirit, and growing her YL team towards financial abundance and freedom.




It is with great gratitude and deep reverence that I honour my teachers, guides, elders, sisters, brothers, and changemakers. There have been many, many more, but these beings of light have been anchors in and catalysts to my personal growth.


YOGA + Meditation

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Gregg Braden //  www.greggbraden.com

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Channels + Remembrance

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