miranda sophia

Integrative Trauma Practitioner, Somatic Relationship Coach, Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Community Gatherer, Teacher & Mentor



miranda sophia

Integrative Trauma Practitioner, Somatic Relationship Coach, Circle & Retreat Facilitator, Community Gatherer, Teacher & Mentor

Hi! I’m Miranda.

Creator of beautiful spaces and art. Ex-semi-pro ringette player & current referee. Volleyball & hiking enthusiast. Lover of delicious international and local foods (especially when shared with my fave people). Lover of lying on rocks and watching sunsets & moonrises. Pink cloud & magical sky chaser. In a non monogamous relationship with the beach, the forests, and a couple special creeks. Music (of almost all genres from rock to soulful to country to dance to Backstreet Boys to Celtic to spiritual to violin to acoustic covers of all things and so on) is my greatest medicine – dancing, singing, and sitting on the grass enjoying community concerts with local artists. Science nerd and seeker of understanding how all the things work. Student to motherhood. Master of alchemizing science & direct experience.

Professionally, I am influenced by 13 years of study and practice in fields such as in trauma resolution, attachment repair, mind-body integration, embodiment practices, reparenting, metaphysical work, yoga and meditation as well as my personal experience of (ongoing) healing from complex-ptsd and autoimmune challenges, and moving from unhealthy relationship patterns to healthy, whole, fulfilling love.

My training and teachers include: Alchemical Alignment – Trauma Resolution for Embodiment of Spirit with Brigit Viksnins, Pre & Peri Natal with Brigit Viksnins and Mia Kalef, Embryology with Jap van de wal, Ancestal & Past Life Healing with Brigit Viksnins (as well as what has emerged for me naturally), Chakra Therapy/Mind-Body Integration with Anodea Judith, Yoga & Meditation with Ally Bogard, Jana Roemer and Sasha Bahador, Biofield Tuning (Foundations) with Eileen McKusick and many Trauma & Nervous System courses with Rachael Maddox, Kimberly Ann Johnson and more. Yin somatic practices, parts work, and nervous system health are foundational to my offerings.

My Story

Once upon a time, I lived life overwhelmed and run by shame and “not good enough”, like a dart punctured right through my self-confidence. I didn’t know this consciously at the time, but it expressed through:

  • repeating painfully unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • chronic & stacked health challenges (from complex-ptsd to autoimmune, lyme disease, extreme adrenal burnout, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, a lifetime of digestive issues)
  • the ongoing challenges of parenting a son while reparenting myself without a supportive co-parent or community
  • feeling completely alone in the world and not having a sense of belonging anywhere or to anyone (myself included), despite having many friends and groups that I “belonged” to
  • being highly sensitive to people, foods, energy, etc
  • a highly critical, abusive, and sabotaging internal voice
  • confusion between what was intuition and what was a trauma response
  • feeling defeated in and ready to give up my business from endless blocks and challenges, lack of inspiration, getting hijacked by hustle, and feeling drained after working with clients 1-1 and in group settings (often needing up to a full week to recover from facilitating group events)
  • a lifetime of body image issues, including disordered eating throughout most of my life.

On the outside things looked totally fine, great even.
Confident. Empowered. Wise. 

But on the inside I was suffering deeply. 
There was a bottomless pit of pain hidden away under the protective layers.
And I had to work really hard to keep those protective layers in place, which took a toll on my health.


After over a decade of studentship and training in and facilitating multiple holistic health modalities, a therapist friend introduced me to the world of trauma and the nervous system.

It was like I had found the piece of the puzzle I had been seeking for 15 years. I realized all of the suffering in my life were symptoms of developmental and interpersonal trauma. So, as I do, I dove into this world for both my own healing and to bring this extra magical layer of support to my clients and community. 

I then went through some dark years after leaving my marriage of 10 years, the complex-ptsd that ensued and led to being non-functioning in the height of autoimmune flareups (it was a great blessing that I already had 2 feet in the door of the trauma and holistic healing world at this point, these years could have drawn on for so so much longer, and do for many people as they search for answers).

A long and complex story made short, with what felt like no other choice, I dedicated 3+ years to focus on and prioritize my healing as my number one job, aside from parenting. I worked with the BEST trauma therapists (imo!) for 3 years, and ongoing. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it to get to the place I am today, where:

  • I am surrounded by an incredible community and nourishing, loving support system

  • I have a deeper, more compassionate and gentle relationship with myself, allowing me to deepen into more intimate and authentic relationships with others (including Nature and the greater unseen world), and truly feeling a sense of belonging

  • I have more ability to discern between intuition and knowing and a trauma response, with capacity to support myself when a trauma response arises

  • I can set and maintain boundaries, know and communicate my feelings and needs more and more, and find that more and more the people and situations that enter my life are in integrity and alignment with my values

  • I experience so much more ease, clarity, capacity, grace and gentleness in my body, parenting, and day-to-day life (the challenges, the great things and the range in between)

  • Client sessions and group work has become regenerative; I feel more alive and full rather than energetically drained and physically tired (and I have the most INCREDIBLE clients that I am so excited and honoured that I get to work with!) 

  • I have more discernment about what people and situations I engage with and how. I can (usually) hold my sense of self, truth & boundaries while maintaining compassion and understanding of another’s experience without taking it on, making them change, or changing myself. 

  • I feel more authentically me. Less shapeshifting, people pleasing and rebelling. More feeling and knowing my belonging wherever I go.

This work, including my lineages of teachers and practitioners, has saved my life literally (or more accurately – supported me as I saved myself, physiologically and biologically we were never meant to do it alone). It is a great priviledge to alchemize all I have learned over the years and the capacity I have grown to support you in a 1-1 capacity or within a group setting (online gatherings and classes coming this fall 2021. If you are interested in joining in person circles in Cobourg, Ontario, please email me for details).

Witnessing people in their process of becoming more of themselves gives me great hope for our individual and collective future. I know and trust that all humans have something really beautiful and really powerful wanting to bloom inside of them. And I personally believe this is exactly the medicine we all need right now. I’d be so honoured to walk with you as you access and grow what is possible for yourself, your health, your life, your work and your relationships!


guiding principles

-smaller is bigger
-you hold the keys to your temple

-all of you is welcome here, there is intelligence in it all, and all of you deserves care and witnessing
-unshaming & reclaiming your wholeness is your birthright
-self intimacy and compassion = greater capacity for intimacy and compassion in your relationship with others, the earth, and Spirit
-you are a sovereign being and have full permission to say yes and no to what feels good and right and safe for you
-everything you need is inside of you
-your body holds more innate wisdom than you can imagine
-embodiment is revolutionary

-your natural blueprint of health is always available to tap into


It is with great gratitude and deep reverence that I honour my teachers, guides, elders, sisters, brothers, and changemakers. There have been many, many more, but these beings of light have been anchors in and catalysts to my personal growth.


Brigit Viksnins//  www.alchemicalalignment.com
Rachael Maddox//  www.rachaelmaddox.com
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My time with Miranda is deeply connected, real, inspiring and powerful. Transforming Self, communities and the world, one truth at a time. Peace sister xo

— Ashley T., Whitby, ON




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