Last October, I rewrote an old inner story that “I am not a writer”, and fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a published author. I made the jump into co-authoring a book with 20 other women from around the world called Her Art of Surrender, and it will be published and available in September!

This process of writing and sharing my story was firstly scary, vulnerable and challenging, and secondly it was incredibly powerful medicine that brought profound healing and integration to the part of my story that I share in my chapter (called: The Reconciliation – My Journey Home).

Last week, we received the PDF of the full book and I had the opportunity to read everyone else’s stories. Once I reconciled with the self-worth story that came up upon receiving this (ie. “everyone else’s story is going to be better than mine” – eff it’s exhausting to keep up with all these damn limiting beliefs!) and got down to reading, I was SO moved and inspired and FULL. Even though every story was so different and didn’t necessarily mirror my own, I found a piece of myself in each woman. And more importantly, each story put me in touch with all the feelings within me (“the good, the bad and the ugly” so to speak). So not only was the process of writing my own story incredibly healing, I was able to do more healing, processing and integrating through the other stories as well.


Because this process was so powerful for all of us, our lead author for Her Art of Surrender, Cassie Jeans, interviewed each of us and put together a 6-day online summit for Aspiring Authors. In this, we each share our journey of writing our stories and pass along inspiration and guidance in how you can write yours (whether you plan to do this publicly or just for yourself). My experience is that writing my story caused me to see the aspects and pieces that I was missing, had ignored, or was denying and bring them into the light of my awareness so that the story could be woven together coherently and completed – ie INTEGRATION!

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May this Summit inspire you to put pen to paper, and an ear to your heart.
She has been whispering to you (perhaps even screaming), are you ready to listen?

“Miranda is 100% ALL IN. She is wholeheartedly committed to providing each student with the utmost innovative, wise and always supportive sequences. As a yoga teacher myself, I am always on the prowl for inspirational fuel that will assist my personal practice. MirAnanda Yoga classes offer both the priceless food for thought + Soul + the beginner’s-mind experience, as well as teachings that beautifully blend challenge with compassion! Eternally grateful. Life-long participant.

— Jenn A, Port Hope, ON




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