becoming grown up humans

Sep 26, 2018

Having an insight about who you are, your past, your current situation, past lives, the world around you, etc, is not the work. It is most definitely an important step, yes, even an essential one. But many stop here, thinking the work is done. And this is a shadow side of light work.

Insight can give greater awareness.
With practice, greater awareness can create enough space to begin to go in and do the work.
The deep work.
The work that is integrative and creates real, sustainable change.

I believe that this work includes feeling, fully. Not all a once, but slowly, in time, creating a greater capacity to sit with ourselves in the pain, and gaining greater access to pleasure. And once we are able to move towards pain, we can turn TO the pain of the world, instead of away from it, and be in service to those who can benefit from our medicine.

I believe it includes fierce self love, and not the surface kind that happens as thoughts, thought the thoughts do change as the inner work is being done.

I believe it includes becoming responsible – able to respond rather than unconsciously react. But it also involves self-compassion and self-forgiveness for the times when we cannot. But not the premature forgiveness that happens on a mental level, the kind that happens through the processing of what is in the way of our ability to be responsible and compassionate.

I believe it includes walking into our darkness to uncover more of what is unconscious within us (which is 95% of our experience for most), to bring the light of our awareness to it, rather than self-abandoning and moving away towards some false idea of light.

I believe it includes becoming more resilient to and centred within the experience of being human that is very real while living on this planet. All of them. Not just the ones that feel good.

I believe it includes deep presence. Not the kind where one hovers above and watches or analyses, but the kind of presence that sits with the entire experience of being human. The bliss, the light, the pleasure, the success, the connection, the alignment, AND the pain, the darkness, the heaviness, the failure, the depression, the anxiety, the trauma.

I believe it includes the understanding that nervous system regulation and trauma healing is how we truly create our reality, not just positive thinking and affirmations. Though they can be supportive and powerful tools during the deep healing work.

I believe it includes gentleness and kindness and also divine intolerance and fierce boundaries.

I believe it includes a whole lot of fuck yes’s and a whole lot of fuck no’s.

I believe that this work is inclusive, that it moves us into AND-Consciousness, embracing the messy, uniqueness of all the experiences, while holding each of us accountable for that which is cruel and harmful.

I believe that. this is the work of becoming grown up humans.

I believe we have a ways to go.
And I believe in us.

-Miranda Sophia