a m n e s i a


The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Or is it?...

"On the other side" we scoff, as if it's not.

May I ask - on the other side of what?

Did you imagine that "the other side" is just a step or a thought away?

Did you forget that there may be a swamp between this side and that side?

Did you step into the swamp and mistake it for the other side, not like what you saw, and decide to forgo the journey?

Did you begin to journey through the swamp and forget about your destination, become stuck and a muddy mess?

Did you lose faith in your strength and endurance to make it through the swamp and convince yourself that you have drown?

Did you push so hard through the swamp that you built up more armor and forgot to look up and discover the lotuses that surrounded you, blooming with gifts and wisdom to share with you?

Did you forget to look to your left and to your right to notice that there were others journeying beside you, giving you words of encouragement and reminding you that you weren't alone?

Did you forget to look ahead to see the ones that have made it to the other side, holding out their hands to pull you forward and show you the way?

Did you forget to look up to see your team and guides surrounding you, cheering you on and reminding you that you are loved, even when you feel like a lost and muddy mess?

Did you forget who you are and why you came here?

Here is a reminder ::
move forward
be still
keep going
accept what is
look around
look up
look within
find your tribe
connect with your team
listen to the inner voice
this is a journey
you are strong
you are graceful
you are resilient
everything you need is inside of you

The grass is greener on the other side... and the mud is full of a whole lotta magic.

Remember who you really are.
Remember your brilliance. 


Photo :: Jeannette Breward // www.jeannettebreward.com