I am here with you

 Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love

What is it that you need to hear right now? If you could step outside of yourself and see YOU through the eyes of someone who ADORES and cherishes you, what would you say?

Remind yourself that you are OK in this moment, right now. Remind yourself that it is safe to be in this moment, that it is safe to be in your body. It is safe to feel.

Allow yourself to be present, ensure yourself that you are ok, hold yourself as you are, then let go of the past and let go of the future. 

Forgive yourself for how you showed up in the past - you did the best you could. Hold yourself in your grief, in your shame, in your blame, in your pain, in your discontent, in your anger, in your grief.

Lean into the fear and trust that the future you can handle it.

You know why she can handle it? Because you'll know that you've got your back. You'll know that you have a safe place to land. You'll know where you belong. And that is in the arms of the one who adores and cherishes you unconditionally - YOU. 

Repeat after me (either place your hands on your heart or hold you face and gently stroke your cheeks or gaze into your eyes in the mirror) ::

Sweet girl... I am here with you. I am here for you. It's ok. Everything is ok. You are (here - enter where you are) and I am here with you. Be here with me. I've got you. It is safe to be here. It is safe to be in your body. You belong right here. You belong with me. We are in this together. We've got this.

BONUS :: when you hear a love song or read a poem/quote about love, realize that it is a message from YOU to YOU.

Love letters to Self
December 2017
Miranda Sophia