It's Time.



It is time.

It is now safe to stand in your power.
It is time.

It is now safe to speak your truth.
It is time.

It is now safe to show the world your brilliance.
It is time.

It is now safe to be a clear channel for the divine remembrance to flow through you.
It is time.

The story that you will be isolated and alone, abandoned and cast out, for speaking your truth, for standing in your power, for shining your brilliance and for honouring your unique and divine path has turned it's final page.

Close the book... and burn it, knowing that the lessons and gifts, wisdom and tools that you collected on your journey through this story are imprinted into your cellular-soul remembrance.

Burn it. 
It is done. 

Dear one,

You are not alone. 

You never have been.

You are surrounded by the brilliance and the angelic song, the grace and the wild dance, the wisdom and the infinite stillness of the sisters who have come before you, are walking alongside you, and will come in sovereignty after you. 

Lean in.
Let go.

Let the divine flow of grace move you easefully through the ocean of joy and abundance, as you were born to do.

Repeat after me:

I Am Holy and Sacred.
I Am Worthy of treating myself with Reverence and Adoration.
I Am All That Is
I Am Her.
I Am That I Am.

Love Letters to Self
January 2018
Miranda Sophia