Fierce one.

Stop looking to others to appease, please and praise you.
Nobody owes you anything in life.
You don't owe anybody anything in life.

Everyone else is none of your business.
YOU are your business.
Take responsibility for you and your own life.
Clean up your own side of the street.
Do this with ZERO expectation from others.
Please DO see the Divine Potential within them, but do not attach yourself to whether or not they ever embody or express it.
Please DO be full of YOURSELF and radiate your light so others may find theirs, but let go of the need for them to do so.
That is none of your business.
Stay on your own unique path and let others walk theirs.
You are encoded with the road map of YOUR path, nobody else's.

DO NOT give your power away to anyone.
Your life.
Your experience.
Your creation.
Your choice.

In times that you feel overwhelmed or in a state of 'freeze', reach into your toolbox, that you have worked so hard to fill, and pull out the appropriate tool. If that doesn't work, try another tool. If that doesn't work, SURRENDER to what is. You have worked so hard and gone through so much to get HERE, to what is. Honour yourself in that. Honour what is.

Enough giving your power away. 
You are an Infinite Divine Creator Goddess with limitless capability.
Stop playing small.
Rise up.
Show up.
Fall down.
Get up.
Blow up with light.

Repeat after me ::

This is my life. I take full ownership of my life. I stand in my power, full of MYSELF. I allow the Goddess to express Herself through me. With Her, I am the co-creatrix of my life.

Love letters to Self
December 2017
Miranda Sophia

📸 :: Jeannette Breward Photography //