A Love Story


Initiation after initiation
Invitation after invitation
Opportunity after opportunity
Knock after knock
Nudge after nudge

She beckons to you


And finally
She charges in
Lights flashing
Arms waving
Sirens screaming

Where have you been?
She asks as she takes you into Her arms
I have been worried about you
Why didn't you answer my calls?

I have been desperately seeking you
You reply
Everywhere, high and low
Near and far

But I have been HERE all along
She explains, brushing your hair behind your ear
Why were you looking out there when I have been in HERE all along?
Do you not know that I would NEVER leave you?

I was scared of what I would find in here
You reply
It's dark
I have no map
There are echoes of others voices haunting me in here

It's ok my love
I forgive you
We are together now and that's all that matters

It is such an honour to be with you at last

You lean into her fiercely loving embrace and know that everything is ok


Everything is a miracle

It is all sacred
It is all holy

Together, you and Her create a Divine Human BEing

February 2018
Miranda Sophia

📸: Lindsie Grey Photography // www.lindsiegrey.com