In Service to Self-Love


I desire more than anything to be in deep, meaningful, effective service to others.

For this to be available to me, I must first be in service to myself.

Lately, my "work days" have been mostly self-care :: sleep, naps, yoga nidra, meditation, movement, conversation with sisters, reading, baths, stand up comedy shows, walks in the woods, creating space for all the emotions, writing, cleaning, phone calls, essential oil therapy, a bit of creating, and lots of praying and ceremony.

This has been an undoing of deep programming that to be useful, to be successful, to be worthy of anything, one must put their head down and work hard, hustle, earn their spot, their worth and success, that money doesn't grow on trees, that one is lazy if they don't do all of these things, and that spending too much time on oneself is selfish and for the entitled.

I no longer believe or buy into these programs.

Self-love is the most selfless thing that one can do for the planet right now.

If we don't even have the capacity to love and hold space for ourselves and our needs, 

•••if that does not exist within us •••

how can we authentically be doing that for others?