Where Did You Go?


Pulled in so many directions
But I want to be here

Basic needs must be met
But I want to be here

When I try to be here
I get in my way

Fatigue forces me to be here
Yet I still can't seem to find it

Memories of here
Move me further away

Desires for here
Move me further away

Longing to be here
Pushes me further away

Let go
Stop trying
Just be
Moves me further away from here

Love myself here
In this place so far from here

I'm just not having it
A part wants to stay away from here
Knowing that here is where it dies
And so it keeps me blind

And so
I keep on
I keep going
Knowing this too shall pass

I trust in the unfolding
Though I currently resist
I know deeply the love that brings this forward
And the liberation that lives on the other side of this death
That lives and loves here now

Still I long
To be here
Knowing that I am here
While I keep myself blind
So when you are ready
I will be here
Knowing this too shall pass
And I will be here
And will have been all along

Keep going

~Miranda Sophia

📸 :: Lindsie Grey Photography // www.lindsiegrey.com