The Transition is the Practice

"There is no perfecting. There is only practice."
- Miranda Sophia


When we can let go of attachment to goals, achievements, expectations, and reconcile with judgement, guilt and shame, we have access to pure presence and unconditional acceptance.

In order to have access to "letting go" and reconciliation, it takes a willingness to show up, be a student, and practice. 

It can take YEARS of showing up and healing to have access to the state of surrender and shift into presence. 

Don't be fooled by our culture of quick hits and immediate gratification. True fulfillment in life comes from being willing to learn, practice, play, feel, heal, experiment, fall, fail, and do it all over again. 

Keep going.
Showing up is the work.


The frustrating and annoying truth is that only once we can shift our state of being to presence (which I am saying in little words, but don't get that confused with little time and practice) will we experience fulfillment. Which is what we think those goals, achievements and expectations will give us. They may temporarily, but we are currently being called to, and are in training for, effectiveness and sustainability. 

It's time.

As I have been saying in yoga classes this year:

The transition is the practice.