When you get to know what your true ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feels like, you can effortlessly receive what you need and desire. You can know what’s yours and not yours in relationships, work and parenting. You can cultivate stability and trust in your sense of Self and begin to embody greater ease and freedom.


Many folks are feeling exhausted from being emotionally and energetically sensitive in relationship to your kids, family, work, service in the world, partnership, and what is happening at a community and collective level.


For the highly sensitive, empathic and deeply caring folks who are under-boundaried and who over-hold for others, your may find yourself absorbing other people’s opinions, emotions, energy and truths, creating a confusing jumble on the inside leaving you asking “what’s me, what’s mine, where do I belong and fit in here?” and feeling depleted, numb and unmotivated.


On the other hand, some may be finding themselves looping in a cycle of anger-rage-fight-action then collapse, with attention focused on what’s going on “out there”, and having a hard time accessing feelings of safety, trust, connection with self and others, and giving yourself down time to attune to what feels ok or good.


These may be clues that your nervous system is communicating that there are ruptures and misalignments within your boundaries. 



When your boundaries are in need of repair…

  •  It can leave an opening for other’s opinions and energy to come in.

  •  It can feel overwhelming or like you’re always taking on other people’s energy and difficulties.

  •  Or like you have to overwork to hold up the boundaries and fight off the things trying to come in.



Living in any of these states is EXHAUSTING, and it’s not sustainable for a nervous system, body or person to remain here.


However, when you are in these states, it can feel like you will be stuck in that reality forever. Like relationships will always be hard, exhausting, confusing and filled with mistrust (for yourself or the others), and you can’t find a way out.

But what if something else was possible?



What if by learning how to work with your nervous system and building a momentum of experience with healthy boundaries, new possibilities of relating with more clarity and ease opened up?

Would it be possible to consider…


What it would feel like to be so centered, stable and regulated that you could maintain belonging and connection without abandoning yourself or shapeshifting?

What would change for you if you got to live with enough presence that your intuition became more accurate and you had more choice about how you received the information?



What could happen when your boundaries are aligned?

  •  You get to have love and fulfilling work and relationships without the fear of causing harm or being harmed by staying true to who you are.


  •  You get to know what’s yours and what belongs to others and maintain your sense of stability, clarity, truth, and refreshed energy levels.

  • You get to know and stay oriented to your unique role and purpose that arises from the essence of who you are, guiding you to where your energy, attention and action is most efficiently and effectively directed.


This could be possible for you.
In small, doable steps with simple practices and the right conditions.


You can begin to build a momentum of healthy boundaries and reclaim a sense of clarity, ease and freedom from the inside out.


And you don’t have to do it alone.
We were never meant to.



We are physiologically and biologically wired to required other humans, and this is one of our greatest strengths (and challenges) in being human.

When you join Building Boundaries, you’re guided through 4 powerful sessions in an experiential and integrative way. They will support your nervous system in developing the inner muscles and energetics you require to get clear on your intuitive and felt sense knowing of yes and no, where you begin and where you end, so you can embody a greater sense of ease and freedom, and maybe even connect with 5 other like-hearted women along the way!

It looks a little something like this:

Week 1


Finding Solid Ground

Practice tuning into what’s stable, solid, simple and whole, so you can begin to feel ease, settling and differentiation (a sense of yourself) while with others.

Week 2


Meeting Your Worthy Needs

Practice feeling for the just-right time, space, attention, and care that your intelligent body is communicating. In meeting these needs, feel a deeper sense of understanding, validation and trust in your knowing and worthiness.

Week 3


Defining Where You Begin and End

Practice feeling the edges of your body and your field (cell wall) and differentiating what is yours and what is not in a way that builds trust, so you can soften what has previously had to over-hold.


Week 4


Embodying Your Effortless Yes and No

Guided by the relationship you have built with your body, put your yes and no into practice in a safe and fun way. Develop trust with yourself and build a momentum of being heard and honoured in your yes and no, so your nervous system will begin to orient to relationships that match this way of relating.


Each session will include embodied meditation explorations, simple nervous system stabilizing movement, a small teaching piece, group and partner exercises and opportunities for sharing.







12pm – 2pm EST
(9am – 11am PST / 6pm – 8pm CET)

October 22nd – November 12th, 2021

Via Zoom
(*live attendance required*)


$444 CAD

Payment can be made by e transfer to awaken@mirandasophia.com (Canadians only)
or Credit Card (please email me with info or to set up a phone call to give CC number).

Payment is due at the time of registration to reserve your spot.
Due to the intimate nature of the group, there are no refunds.
Please ensure you have done your due diligence to ensure you can commit to being live for all 4 classes.



A recorded Stabilization meditation.

A recorded 40 minute yoga nidra practice for Building Boundaries through deep rest.

A group chat will be set up on the Signal app (you will need to download it if you haven’t already) to connect with the group, ask questions, and share insights and celebrations. It will be available one week prior to the first session.


A 5th session for integration, Q & A, and sharing will be scheduled once the group is formed. Live attendance will not be required.



Are you ready to repair and rebuild your boundaries from the the inside out together? Let’s be together through the journey.


If you are on the fence and not fully sure, or have a hard time feeling for your yes or no, that’s totally understandable. Humans are messy and, especially in these times, it can be challenging to know who and what to trust. I know I sure have wasted my money on enough programs and courses that either caused reinjury or were just not aligned.

If this is you, but you are interested, let’s hop on a complimentary Clarity Call. I won’t be convincing you of anything, it will be a time for you to ask questions, get a feel for what it’s like for us to be together, and I can support you in feeling for your true yes or no if that is what would be helpful.

With love,

Soul Embodiment Practitioner for Nervous System Health, Attachment Repair & Community Care

Are we new to each other? You can learn more about me, my story, and my training and influences here.