…dedicated time to intentionally BEing with yourself?

…a deeper understanding of “needs” and why they matter so damn much?


…to gather with a group of women in sacred and intentional ways?



…meeting and softening the often less-than-kind internal dialogue you may hear inside?



…being in an environment where the world genuinely feels like a hopeful place?



…moving your body in ways that feels light, easeful, and shall we say even, enjoyable?


You are invited to Because You Matter, The Retreat, where, in the just-right dosage for you, you can lean into the resources of time, space, sisterhood, connection & belonging, support, body, soul & earth based practices, nature, nourishing gourmet meals, song & movement, creativity & play, & a beautiful retreat centre with pool & sauna, so that you can:

❁ receive some of your OWN empathic and caring medicine

❁ get curious about what your somatic (bodily) impulses may be communicating

discover parts of yourself that may be asking for some love and attunement 

 play and feel into the possibility of living in a more easeful and enjoyable way 

❁ be together. On purpose, with purpose.

 It’s time to reclaim your mattering.

It’s time to remember your inherent belonging.

It’s time to come home to the embodiment of your soul’s desires.

Let’s cultivate a deeper

experience of aliveness, together.


3:00pm – Arrival, check-in, explore property and space, settle in

5:00pm – Opening Circle – welcome, intros, settle in, gentle movement, orienting to weekend

6:30pm – Dinner

8:00pm – Session #1 – YOUR DESIRES MATTER 

9:30pm – Social Bon Fire, Song & Music


7:30am – Silent Breakfast

9:00am – Session #2 – YOUR ALIVENESS MATTERS

12:00pm – Lunch

1:00pm – 4:00pm – YOUR NOURISHMENT MATTERS: rest, digest, integrate, connect, play, swimming, hot tub, sauna, enjoy nature

4:00pm – Session #3 – YOUR CREATIVITY MATTERS

6:30pm – Dinner



7:30am – Silent Breakfast 

9:00am – Session #5 – YOUR BELONGING MATTERS 

12:00pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Optional light movement before departure

3:00pm – Departure – journey home feeling more alive than you have… maybe ever! 

Sessions will include meditation journeys, somatic relating exercises, intuitive creativity, small Nervous System teaching pieces, journalling promtps, Goddess Flow & gentle Embodiment Movement Practices, song & dance, and opportunities for sharing. Each circle is built upon a foundation of curiosity and exploration through a wholistic and animist lens.


For Option 1:

3 equal payments of $296 + HST *


For Option 2:

 3 equal payments of $259 + HST *

*First payment is due at time of registration to hold your spot. Last payment is due 2 weeks before retreat start date. If you require a longer payment plan, that may be negotiated. Please email awaken@mirandasophia.com

Payment can be made by e transfer (Canadians only), or Credit Card. Please email your credit card number (split between multiple emails) to awaken@mirandasophia.com or send through the encrypted Signal App – 587-999-0101.  

Full refund is available (minus $100 admin fee) until August 1st. There are no refunds after August 1st, but your spot can be transferred to a friend.


 Gourmet Meals:

6 healthy, delicious meals by Amanda and Robbie (gluten free and dairy free options) + snacks, unlimited tea, coffee and water.



Luxurious Accommodations:

Shared accommodations in stunning Victorian retreat B&B (2-3 people per room for shared bedrooms, 4 people in upper loft). Arrive at 3pm on Friday, depart by 3pm on Sunday.


Water & Heat Therapy:

Private access to hot tub, sauna, and salt water pool (heated if needed)



Nourishing, Healing & Empowering Circles:

Opening & closing circle, 5 BYM circles including Goddess Flow movement, light Nervous System education & introduction to ReBloom Archetypes, creative play, meditation, embodied expression, song, dance, bonfire ceremony and celebration, pampering 



 Downloadable Resources:

1 audio meditation and 1 video movement practice (both downloadable) to support your preparation and integration. 


 Before & After Support:

Connection with the group through the Signal App a week before and up to a month after retreat



 Optional VIP 1-1 Support:

Schedule 75 minute Soul Embodiment Sessions with Miranda or ReBloom Trauma Resolution Coaching from Tanya for a special retreat offer of $150/session (regular $225) – can be used 1 month before to 1 month after the retreat


Please note that ownership of Lush Earth Oasis changed in July, so there will be a slight change to furniture and room layout than what is shown in pictures.


3 days doesn’t feel like quite enough?


Coming from afar and want to extend your stay?



Connect with Lush Earth Oasis owners Amanda and Robbie to inquire about their B&B services at lushearth@gmail.com.


Or, explore the absolutely beautiful neighbouring towns of Collingwood (home of the famous Scandinave Spa (pictured below on the left), where you can be pampered in their outdoor Scandanavian Baths & hydrotherapy circuits), or Wasaga Beach (home to the world’s longest freshwater beach, pictured below on the right), each located on picturesque Georgian Bay 25 minutes from Lush Earth Oasis. 




Tanya Gillies is an expert community builder, connection maker, and has mastered the art of creating a container rooted in safety. She is a trauma-nervous system-physiology junkie and a lifelong student and teacher in healing and transformation.

Fuelled by gathering women who are seeking a deeper more intentional knowing in themselves, Tanya provides guidance on how to take the first steps on their new, exciting and, most times, intimidating journey.

She teaches and implements the 7 ReBloom Archetypes throughout her retreats, workshops and 1:1 coaching containers.

Worthiness & Receptivity ~ Sovereignty ~ Whole Self Expression ~ Clarity & Choice ~ Vitality and Empowered Safety ~ Intimate Belonging ~ Co-Creation

Grounded in a momentous call to assist, extend and revolutionize how you see yourself and how you see others, Tanya believes this begins with taking the time that you need to go SLOW and feel into your body sensations.

Her approach hones in on assisting women to sharpen their intuitive and internal guidance by way of listening to what messages their bodies are communicating to them. She teaches simple well-being practices that evoke real change in their daily lives.

Tanya’s offerings include authentic, safe, intimate support, slow, intentional physical movement and strategies to help trigger clarity, nervous system regulation and a greater sense of calm.

Assisting women in expanding their awareness and empowering them to trust their Whole Selves brings her great fulfillment and joy.

Miranda Sophia is a Integrative Trauma Practitioner and Intuitive Somatic Guide, circle & retreat facilitator, community gatherer, teacher and forever student, a single mother, lover of humans and Nature, beauty and creativity, dedicated student of all things life and becoming more alive, and is devoted to doing her right-sized part in creating more diverse, abundant and joyful life for all beings and the planet. 

Professionally, Miranda is influenced by 13 years of study and practice in fields such as in trauma resolution for embodiment of spirit, attachment repair, mind-body integration, pre, peri natal, embryology & ancestral healing, embodiment practices, inner child reparenting & parts work, energy work, yoga and meditation as well as her personal experience of (ongoing) healing from complex-ptsd, autoimmune challenges and chronic pain, and moving from unhealthy relationship patterns to healthy, whole, fulfilling love. 

Miranda combines her training and experiences into Soul Embodiment work, supporting folks 1-1 and through group work (virtually and in person). She loves working with those who may resonate with being an empath, creative, generational cycle breaker, black sheep, starseed, mystic or spiritual seeker, renegade, or leader of a new way to grow more ease, clarity and fulfillment in their body, mind, relationships and life purpose.

Leading with curiousity, exploration, play, and sensuality, Miranda creates spaces where ALL of you is welcome, so you can embrace and integrate the whole, holy human that you are.



Is it your just-right timing to be enriched & re-enlivened by body & soul supportive food, accommodations, community & practices? Is there something within you, ancient, wise & unbreakable, ready to come alive and flourish? Let’s be together & play through the journey.


If you are on the fence and not fully sure, or have a hard time feeling for your yes or no, that’s totally understandable. 

If this is you, but you are interested, let’s hop on a complimentary Clarity Call. This will be a time for you to ask questions, get a feel for what it’s like for us to be together, and I can support you in feeling for your true yes or no.




With love,

Soul Embodiment Practitioner for Nervous System Health, Attachment Repair & Community Care

& Tanya

Certified ReBloom Trauma Resolution Practitioner, Goddess Flow Teacher, Nervous System Educator, Community Artisan