complimentary sessions

Aug 30, 2019

Have you noticed that it seems to be the most powerful, embodied, sensitive, empathic women who end up surviving a very hard relationship with a possibly narcissistic man? And even when she’s been out of the relationship for a year or more, she can still feel haunted by this guy, as if he is still holding her back from fully embodying her path, her work, her wealth, and her medicine?

Well, I have a system and sequence of transformative initiations specifically designed for her, to release his hold once and for all, and to step into her own sacred power as a teacher of feminine wellness and leadership. She lands in her own power, purpose, pleasure, prosperity and love.

The world desperately needs, and is ready for, her medicine and her leadership, and I can walk her through the Initiations into her SovereignQueen so she can serve her family, community and the world like she so deeply knows she is here to do.

Since I have started sharing pieces of my own story, it is shocking and devastating (though to me, not surprising) how many women have connected with me to say “me too”. Are you one of these women, or do you know her?

As I prepare to launch this system, I am currently offering complimentary sessions (30 minute) for 5 of these women who would be willing to answer a few questions about themselves for me. These sessions alone will offer you so much clarity, validation, connection and hope.

Please send me a PM introducing yourself and what drew you to the post and we can find a time to set up a Zoom session.

** The 5 spots have been filled, but I am enjoying these conversations and receiving SO much from them (on ALL the levels), that I opened up 5 more spot (FULL). Thank you to everyone who participated!