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Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood Circle – COURTICE

November 29, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - December 2, 2019 @ 10:30 pm



A safe space for the embodied empathic woman leader, healer, mother who gives and gives and deeply cares about others and the world, but ends up feeling drained, angry, defeated, overwhelmed, stuck and alone.  She is ready to learn when and how to say NO, so that her True Yes can emerge so she can embody the medicine she is here to bring to the world without going energetically and financially bankrupt… welcome to the Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood Circles.  Each month, as you walk through the Elemental Initiations that free you from the unsustainable old paradigm programs that have you driven to over-serve, that empower you to take back the keys to your temple so you can sit on your throne as SovereignQueen of your life, you will reclaim your self, Spirit and Earth-sourced power, purpose, play, and pleasure.


…give give give and get nothing in return, and want to know where is it safe and smart to say NO so that you can still take care of your family and your biz without ending up burnt out, depressed and resentful

…find it hard to say NO when you need to, and these patterns end up attracting the wrong relationships and opportunities that drain you further

…are learning how to say “no” to the right things so you can rebuild your energy, your power, your profit, and your relationships

…are noticing that your family, your business, your house are always prioritized over your health and you feel resentful, drained and stuck

…have escaped a narcissistic relationship, but are struggling to get totally free of the haunting after-effects

…are ready to step into your own sacred power as a leader of divine feminine wellness, where you can land in their own power, purpose, and confident sovereignty

…wants to know yourself, trust yourself, energize yourself, activate your wisdom, and get your needs met!

…wants to figure out what your needs are so you can communicate them with others

…are seeking a pathway that allows you to be both fully human and fully Divine and not choose or prioritize one over the other

…knows that there must be a purpose to the sometimes excruciating challenges that you have experienced in this life

…knows you are here to bring your unique medicine to the world, but continues to come up against blocks that keep you spinning in the same spot or hitting up against a glass ceiling and are sick of seeking outside of yourself for answers

…knows deep in your bones that there is an untapped innate and ancient wisdom in your body

…have collected all the spiritual and self-development knowledge and practices and are desiring to integrate it from learned knowledge to embodied wisdom so you can take your family and clients deeper into their own healing

are a pathway, a system, a framework, a portal of dismantling, reprogramming, repairing, regenerating, reorganizing and birthing:

a new way of being
a new consciousness
a new template
a new internal and external structure

…in which you view, experience, create and consensually collaborate with yourself, your relationships, the Earth, the Divine, and life itself

in a slow, safe, doable and sustainable way

The way of the Embodied Divine Feminine

where you take back the keys to your temple and reclaim the golden throne of your body and your life as a SovereignQueen

A SovereignQueen is a woman who is devoted to BEcoming more of who she already is while being surrounded, supported and loved by a sisterhood of women who are doing this together.

Because becoming sovereign does not mean isolated, alone and “independent”.
Sovereignty is becoming more whole unto yourself.

It is repairing your cell wall and calling more of yourself back into your own space.

So when the cells come together to form the whole, there is no leaking, enmeshment, codependence, imbalanced over-giving and over-taking, spreading of dis-ease, confusion of where we begin and where we end.

We tend to our own temples and Queendoms and magnetize relationships with others who are doing the same

Then we move into health.

The deepest desire of the soul….

which begins with your relationship with you.


Self-Doubt – Powerlessness – Codependency
Over-Thinking – Scattered – Defeated
Insecure – Force/Push – Over-Giving
Loneliness – Urgency – Isolation
Over/Under Boundaried
Shut down – Numb 
Burnt out


Flow  –  Fierceness
Trust – Power – Sensuality
Play –   Pleasure –  Permission
Safety  –   Tenderness  –  Intimacy
Belonging  –  Energized   –  Stability


Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood Circles are a safe and completely confidential space to show up and share yourself (or not) exactly as you are. There is no hierarchy, there is no right way, there is no wrong way. Show up irritated, angry, sad, depressed, ecstatic, joyful, giddy, playful, sensual, in love with life, defeated from life. It is all holy. It is all welcome. Come as you are. Allowing yourself to be seen, heard, held and accepted in all of the states of being you occupy allows for this acceptance to be internalized so you can more fully welcome yourself home.

You are encouraged and given permission to participate in the way that is safe and consensual with yourself. Some of the most powerful experiences in circles can be when a woman shows up (often against resistance, internal, external or both) and lay and just absorb the experience from the outside. Or times when a woman says honours her limitations and says no. Being in a consensual relationship with your body and inner being creates space for the true, authentic yeses and desires to rise to the surface.

Each circle begins with a sacred contract of confidentiality, permission and tenents in which each woman agrees to, creating a container of safety around the circle so everyone can lean more fully into her experience.


-Somatic awareness and nervous system regulation
-Inner Child work
-Journeying & guided meditation
-Bioenergetic Techniques
-Intentional sharing
-Sage smudge
-Connecting to your guides, higher self and higher power
-Oracle cards and crystals
-Essential oils

Friday November 29th
6:30pm – 10:30pm
Body Meets Soul
1430 Pebblestone Rd, Courtice*

*please note that the driveway is just east of the address and has two reflective markers on each side *

Energy Exchange:*
$55 in advance
$65 at the door

*Financial assistance is available, please reach out to Miranda via email or FB messenger.

*If you are in abundance and feel called, there is an option to purchase an angel ticket that will be gifted towards a woman who is in need of financial support. In the cases where the ticket does not get used, it will be put towards a scholarship for a woman in need to attend a future circle or retreat. You will be contacted either way with info on where your gift has been directed.


Body Meets Soul
1430 Pebblestone Rd
Courtice, Ontario L1E 2K5 Canada
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