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SovereignQueen Sisterhood Circle – Reclaiming Clarity & Creativity

February 4, 2020 @ 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Growing Your Queen Clarity with Miranda Sophia

We are all born into a divine blueprint of health. It is in our greatest divinity and health to have clarity and choice, to have our own narrative of what’s real and true, to see what we see and believe it. 

Trauma happens and it imprints into our blueprint. It creates a fragmentation to our wholeness. It stunts development as a child. It interrupts the flow of communication from our inner knowing. It prevents us from accessing our clarity, intuition & creative capacity. And our incredibly intelligent and resourceful body and inner being can and knows how to recover from these deep injuries, it just requires some skills and guidance to do so.

In this circle, you will activate and amplify your Divine Blueprint of Health by learning & regenerating your 5 inner muscles of Queen Clarity through meditation, intuitive movement, nervous system regulation practices and inner child reparenting:

  1. Clear Mind – locate the simple truths of the moment

  2. Clear Vision – orient to your surroundings in a way that crystalizes and empowers

  3. Clear Curiosity – relate to yourself, your space and others with attuned capacity

  4. Clear Body – feel and honour your needs with somatic intelligence

  5. Clear Communication – own, trust and share your inner-knowing with maturity

Walk this path of reclaiming and rebuilding your inner clarity muscles in a simple and doable way with other women. Practice these skills in a way that empowers and awakens your ability to sense feel and know what’s real, what’s needed and what’s the most true expression of yourself in any given moment, so as you move into the Creativity portion of the evening, you are open to fluidity expressing and communicating your inner truth into art without judgement (or perhaps with a tiny bit more acceptance of the judgment!)

Storytelling and Art Making with Sara Skipper

Join together with other women in two of the most important human traditions we can do: storytelling and art making. As you listen to a story, many things can happen. You may evoke curiosity. You may kindle imagination. You may relate to characters or parts of the story. You may self reflect. You may remember. You may learn lessons. In this experience, a carefully selected story, poem, myth or fairy tale will be read and you will be invited to create a unique image, from your experience, choosing from a range of different art materials. No art experience required!


What is a SovereignQueen Circle?

SovereignQueen Sisterhood Circles are a safe and completely confidential space to show up and share yourself (or not) exactly as you are. There is no hierarchy, there is no right way, there is no wrong way. Show up irritated, angry, sad, depressed, ecstatic, joyful, giddy, playful, sensual, in love with life, defeated from life. It is all holy. It is all welcome. Come as you are. Allowing yourself to be seen, heard, held and accepted in all of the states of being you occupy allows for this acceptance to be internalized so you can more fully welcome yourself home. You are encouraged and given permission to participate in the way that is safe and consensual with yourself. Some of the most powerful experiences in circles can be when a woman shows up (often against resistance, internal, external or both) and lay and just absorb the experience from the outside. Or times when a woman says honours her limitations and says no. Being in a consensual relationship with your body and inner being creates space for the true, authentic yeses and desires to rise to the surface. Each circle begins with a sacred contract of confidentiality, permission and tenents in which each woman agrees to, creating a container of safety around the circle so everyone can lean more fully into her experience.

About Your Facilitators:

Miranda Sophia is a Soul Embodiment & Trauma Resolution Coach, Teacher and Guide for women leaders, healers and mothers who have experienced narcissistic abuse, or identify as codependent, an empath or a highly sensitive compassionate (over)giver who cares deeply about their family, their clients and our world. These women are struggling to take back the keys to their Queendom, their body, their life, and are seeking the freedom, purpose, power and healthy love they know in their bones they deserve. She believes that these women hold the keys, the codes and the medicine to deep, profound healing on our planet. Through their own initiation of recovery and reclamation they will be the next wave of leadership in our world in the next decade. Miranda integrates science + the body with spirituality + soul evolution through nervous system regulation, mind-body integration, embodied movement, and inner-child re-parenting combined with grounded, embodied intuition. She teaches and guides women how to find their own inner clarity, and help them discharge and release the trauma that is stuck in their system so they can land in their health again, or maybe for the first time ever. Through this initiation back into the core elements of their true Nature, they can finally come home to themselves and reclaim the keys to their inner Queendom.


Sara Skipper is a woman who strongly believes in the healing power of creativity, storytelling and togetherness. She loves the magic that unfolds when groups of people, especially women, get together to listen, to share and to create. She is a fierce advocate for small acts of kindness. Sara, along with her partner, three children, dog and cat have embraced the always adventurous, lifestyle as both, a military and unschooling family. She holds a college diploma and university degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies, and is currently studying at the graduate level, in the Art Therapy program at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute in BC. Some of her favourite things, in no particular order, are: art making, playing sports, making pies, family dance parties, board games, sleeping, winter, reading, coffee, being in nature and The Wizard of Oz.

Tuesday February 4th
6:30pm – 10:30pm
Old Camborne School
3441 Albert’s Alley, Camborne*

*Address may show up in GPS as Cobourg*

Energy Exchange:* $65+ HST

*Financial assistance is available, please reach out to Miranda via email (awaken@mirandasophia.com) or Facebook messenger.


Old Camborne School
3441 Albert's Alley
Cobourg, Ontario K9A4J7 Canada
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