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Yoga 101 Workshop - For Beginners & Beyond

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In this workshop, you will learn the foundational poses of a hatha yoga class, the usage of props to enhance your practice, how to keep your body safe through alignment, and how to use your breath as a tool for healing. We will break down poses, experience them, talk about them, and put them all together.

Dance between the experience of the physical and energetic practice and the information and empowerment of anatomy, physiology of the breath, and background knowledge of the origins of the yoga practice.

This workshop has a maximum of 8 students, which allows for an intimate atmosphere and the ability for me to have hands/eyes on all bodies throughout our time togehter.

This workshop was created from the observation that our spiritual community of seekers and curious minds, empaths and healers, leaders and light workers have been doing profound inner work and are looking for a means of now giving back to, strengthening and working with the vessel of our beautiful human bodies.