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9-Week Online Chakra Meditation Series

••Welcome 2018 from a place of balance, alignment & presence••

I am incredibly excited to offer to you this new online series of chakra meditations!

Using guided visualization, sensory awareness, sound, pranayama (breathwork) and other traditional meditation techniques, you will become aware of holding patterns within your body-mind and learn to effectively shift and unravel these in order to move into more freedom and ease.

Inspired by my ongoing training in, and healing through, Mind-Body Integration & Chakra Therapy with leading chakra expert and psychotherapist Anodea Judith, this 9-week online series will introduce you to, or deepen your connection with, the mapping system of your chakras.

A chakra is an electromagnetic vortex of energy that is created from the major glands in the body. It is a center of organization for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life force energy. From birth and childhood, we learn different defense mechanisms that can cause our chakras to be deficient or excessive, and keep us in a patterns that at one point served us, but are no longer for our highest good and growth. Instead they keep us stuck and out of alignment with who we really are.

The natural state of all life is expansion and contraction. When this flow continues to bang up against the blockages we have built up in our chakras (our defense mechanisms), it causes pain, suffering, and it eventually manifests physically. You will be guided to turn inside to listen to the wisdom your body-mind is offering you. Your Soul desires to be heard and felt and communicated with. Learn to connect to your internal guidance system and tap into the subtle energy of your body-mind, so that you may gently and safely unravel the layers of defense built up in your system, bringing you into a lighter, more expansive state of being.

This series is run through a private Facebook group that is open only to those registered. The group is a safe, judgement-free, sacred temple of exploration, healing and growth.

Your Investment :: $80


• Each Monday @ 10am, I will facilitate our group through a live video that will include:

-A discussion about the chakra focus of that week (the first week will be an overview and the last week we will weave it all together) - about 10 minutes

-A meditation that will bring awareness and balance to the chakra focus of that week (about 20-30 minutes)

*If you are unable to join live, set a time each week that you will commit to this meditation and self-care practice

• I will pop into the group two additional times a week to join in on discussions and answer any questions that may have come up

• You will have access to all of the videos and the Facebook group for 1 year - please do the meditation multiple times a week and use the series as much as you need!

• Sharing in a safe and appropriate way is encouraged for those who feel called to. Giving voice to our challenges can be an important part of healing and growth, while receiving encouragement from community.

**I will be offline until January 8th, but I will be checking my email periodically over the next couple of weeks. Any questions can be sent to ***