fear service & essential oils

Jun 18, 2018

Lately I have been been questioning whether I “have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and run my own business”.

I have no doubt in my mind that I am here to serve, hold space for healing and remembrance, to share my immense knowledge and wisdom and tools that I have learned, experienced and gathered over the last 10 years + lifetimes before.

I also have no doubt in my mind that the voice running through my head is not ME, but fear. Oh sweet fucking fear that thinks it is keeping me safe, but in reality it debilitates me.

But despite this ridiculous amount of fear and self-doubt that courses through me, it is met with a deep, steady, fierce inner knowing that says “Enough my love. We have work to do.”

And so I keep on going.
Shakily, hesitantly, fiercely, lovingly.

For my entrepreneur friends, you know that there is no other experience that is a greater self-development initiation (aside from kids.) For me it is not WHAT I do, but the business side. The money side. The worthiness of receiving side. Not to mention the vulnerability side of putting myself out there in such a way that feels really raw and naked and risky.

But it also feels necessary.

So I am challenging myself and the inner fear voice by sharing with you the side to my business that I spend a lot of time talking about one-on-one in person, but don’t share a huge amount online because there is a lot of stigma around it. It is a huge gift in so many ways and I am really grateful that Young Living found it’s way into my life.

Because this is so uncomfortable to my inner fear voice, I am going to share with you why I am grateful for the opportunity to build a business with Young Living:

• Essential Oils. Gifts from Gaia. Have you used essential oils yet? And I mean HIGH quality, high potency essential oils? I don’t play the “best/better than/vs” game, but Young Living gets it, they are the real deal. They care as much as I do and my internal guidance system lit up with a big YES when I chose to align with their products and business.

• Most of my business asks A LOT of me: time, creativity, money, emotional resilience and physical endurance. Wth Young Living, I am just sharing and talking about the things I use. Which I do with anything that I love anyways. The only difference is that Young Living compensates me for it.

• I am able to recommend products that I don’t have to invest in having stock of in my studio. That’s a big one. Everyone gets to shop online at their leisure, and I get to support their essential oil and health journey without having the burden of putting a huge amount of cash out.

• I have invested thoooousands of dollars into my business. With Young Living, the only investment was for a Premium Starter Kit ($200), and order monthly. Which is no problem, because I order twice a month. Because Young Living is not just an essential oil company, they offer a cleaning line, super clean makeup, dental line, supplements, and more. I’m pretty much a walking billboard for Young Living through all the senses.

• Despite the stigma around direct sales companies, about 85% of Young Living’s members are strictly there to purchase and use the products. The other 15% are taking advantage of the opportunity to grow a business and earn as much as they are willing to put into it. Some members order every once in a while, most order monthly. There is a really sweet flexibility where there is no pressure and you can use your membership in the way that serves you best.

• I have been approached by many businesses to be an ambassador for their products. Just last week a company reached out regarding these really sweet camping blankets. I probed about where they were made and the materials used and their ethics and whatnot and got answers that didn’t give me answers. So, no I am not going to be a representative for them. Any company I am putting my name with must be in alignment with my values. Young Living meets the high standards.

• I have zoom meetings with my team, who are my friends. We are in our pj’s and often delusional from life + kids + business, but we get shit done anyways. And hang out at the same time.

• Community. Everything I do is about community, and the ones that comes with getting your (free) membership through me are pretty unreal.

• Team. The rest of my business is just me and me. While I thoroughly enjoy this, I also love that I have 70 team members to work with, connect and support. I grew up playing all of the sports. Team is an integral part of who I am.

• I haven’t had a lot of time to put into my Young Living business over the last few months, but I am still getting compensated enough to pay for my orders and much more. When I was able to be more committed, I was receiving enough to almost cover my mortgage payment. And that’s with pretty minimal work.

• This company has changed the lives of so many around me. From the oils and the miraculous stories of profound healing (my included), to the financial and seeing a number of my sweet sisters leave corporate jobs and start really living. With so much freedom.

So my sweet friends, if you have been watching curious about the oils or even about the earning potential from Young Living, please reach out and I can support you with that.

That’s all for now. I always intend to make my post short and succinct. It rarely happens. I have lots to say! And I’m here for the real and the longform. Thanks to those who take the time to read all the way through.