**I am currently updating this series and preparing to launch it through a new platform. This is a special opportunity to join the last group that moved through this series live at a reduced rate**

It is such an honour to offer to you this transformational online series that is both educational and experiential, and potently powerful, enhanced even more by the online sisterhood. 

I feel very passionate about the information and tools I will be sharing with you. When we can understand and know ourselves in the way you will learn in this series, navigating life, sensations, reactions, emotions, and big life challenges becomes an enjoyable ride! It is ALL holy. It is ALL sacred. This is what we with play with together.

Using guided visualization, sensory awareness, sound, pranayama (breath work) and other traditional and modern meditation techniques, you will become aware of holding patterns within your body-mind and learn to effectively shift and unravel these in order to move into more freedom and ease.


You will shift old programs and stories into ones of self-awareness, self-love and a deeper sense of self. 

Inspired by my ongoing training in, Mind-Body Integration & Chakra Therapy with leading chakra expert and psychotherapist Anodea Judith combined with extensive studies in many other areas of nervous system healing and health + innate medicine, as well as the divine guidance I have received through my own healing and integration, this 9-week online series will introduce you to, or deepen your connection with, the mapping system of your chakras. Learn the foundations of how we develop certain belief systems through our childhood development and start to plant new seeds that will blossom into your new story as you continue through the series and beyond. 

A chakra is an electromagnetic vortex of energy that is created from the major glands in the body. It is a center of organization for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life force energy. From birth and childhood, we learn different defense mechanisms that can cause our chakras to be deficient or excessive, and keep us in a patterns that at one point kept us safe, but are no longer serving us. Instead they keep us stuck and out of alignment with who we really are.

The natural state of all life is expansion and contraction. When this flow continues to bang up against the blockages we have built up in our chakras (our defense mechanisms), it causes pain, suffering, and it eventually manifests physically. You will be guided to turn inside to listen to the wisdom your body-mind is offering you. Your Soul desires to be heard and felt and communicated with. Learn to connect to your internal guidance system and tap into the subtle energy of your body-mind, so that you may gently and safely unravel the layers of defense built up in your system, bringing you into a lighter, more expansive state of being.


This is process of surrendering and trusting the wisdom of the body-mind.
It is a remembrance of your sacredness.
It is an integration of your divinity into your daily life.
It is a journey home to yourSelf.


This series can be done at your own pace, but it is very beneficial if you can commit one week to each chakra. The videos are already uploaded into the group and I will be checking in to answer questions and speak to things that arise for you as you move through.

No previous knowledge of or experience with the chakras is required. This series is for anyone - beginners to meditation and awakening to advanced practitioners and healers. If you are here, there is something for you.




• This series runs through a private Facebook group that is open only to those registered. The group is a safe, judgement-free, sacred temple of exploration, healing and growth.

• Begin by setting an intention for the series + find an anchor (a physical item) that you will keep with as a reminder to come back to yourself and your intention

• Each session (1 through 9) will be organized in folders in the Facebook group for your ease of navigating the series. Within each folder, you will find:
-The video of that week's session (about 50 min - 1 hour), which includes a discussion about the chakra of the week (the first week is about the subconscious and body-mind and the last week weaves it all together), a shorter meditation/exploration, and the full meditation journey. 
-Homework/reflection for the chakra focus of that week to keep bringing you back to yourself to more effectively create new patterns and ways of being.
-A thread for sharing experiences and asking questions.
-A summary of the chakra of the week.

• Each week has a second video where I have answered questions that came up, spoke to experiences and offered deeper insight to the topic and theme of the week

• You will have unlimited access to all of the videos and the Facebook group - please do the meditation multiple times a week and use the series as much as you need! Follow the series by moving through one session per week, or take it at your own pace.

• Relevant posts from myself and others are shared to deepen you into this journey

• Though the live series is complete, I will be checking into the group to answer your questions and speak to and offer deeper insight into your experiences that you share.

• Sharing in a safe and appropriate way is encouraged for those who feel called to. Giving voice to our challenges can be an important part of healing and growth, while receiving encouragement from community.




"Wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful journey! I am so very grateful!"

"What a meditation. Truly felt like I was experiencing something LITERALLY out of this world. Thank you for this magnificent experience."

"Thank you Miranda! So beautiful! You are on my gratitude list. SO very glad and grateful that I found you. Thank you for helping to guide me back to myself! So much love for you and this space!"

"Miranda Sophia I'm in tears you totally have a gift of explaining. I usually help people on the physical side all the while knowing we will deeply reach the spiritual through movement but find it hard to explain in words what is happening. You give me the words --- totally explained how I am in social situations with anxiety. It has gotten better over the years but still tough sometimes with men at work. I feel like the video from today of grounding may totally help."
"Grounding last week was so helpful. Was a tough week with full moon and kids. Thank goodness my feet felt grounded into the earth. Thank you, these practices are all coming at a perfect time."

"I've been feeling very connected to my physical body and that has been helping me stay true to myself."

"I am truly amazed with what has been lying below the surface for me for so long that I never acknowledged until this series. Working hard each day on being Full of Myself instead of filling up with materials, relationships, ect. Thank you so much Miranda."

"I spent over a week with this lesson, as I felt I needed more connecting with it - and I totally got it. Absolute euphoria being in my own place. Really feeling and embracing my pleasures and emotions, being here with myself, for as long as I need to be. I have my OWN place, I can channel this place whenever I want, even if it's just for a short stint. This has given so much more strength! The feeling of my breath going in and out like water, making it nearly effortless to let go, and receive a new source or positivity. Thank you, Miranda. Xo"


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