Welcome family of divine humans! Thank you so much for being here. I am Miranda Sophia and I am here in service to gathering women to cultivate deep and meaningful connection, creating a safe container for healing and growth and offering tools and techniques to guide women back into their bodies, into their wholeness, into remembrance of their divinity. 

Please come as you are. You have permission to be exactly who you are at this moment. You will be met with deep love & acceptance wherever you are at.

We are all in this together.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We've got this.


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The 9 week online Chakra Balancing Meditation Series is for the awakening woman who is feeling called to deepen her relationship to herSelf, to reconnect with and turn up the volume to her internal guidance system, and to remember the sacredness that is her very existence.

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work with me 1 on 1

Dive deep to reconcile with past wounds, to rewrite limiting beliefs, find belonging within and cultivate fierce self-love through the one or two month long Divine Human Embodiment Mentorship Program. 

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Join in sisterhood to deepen your relationship to yourSelf, to reconnect with and turn up the volume to your internal guidance system, and to remember the sacredness that is your very existence.

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Registered Yoga Series

Join the 9 week Chakra Balancing Yoga Series to explore yoga poses (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), and bioenergetic exercises to unravel, open, discharge, charge, and bring more balance into each chakra. You will also learn to use mantras to reprogram limiting beliefs that govern each chakras, opening up space to embody your divinity.

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Workshops + Circles

Get curious about your body, your mind, your soul and gaining more access to your wholeness. Come together with other brilliant humans to elevate you to your highest potential through circles, essential oils, and other workshops.

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Vibrationally AttuneD Malas

Find the hand-knotted, heart-crafted, intention-infused neck or wrist mala, wrap bracelet, or wire-wrapped gemstone necklace that was made through Miranda for you, or work with Miranda to co-create a beautiful custom piece to assist you through your journey of healing, integration and evolution.

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