Women of A New Way Feature: L’s Story

Mar 11, 2019

This post is one of a series of features of the Women of A New Way that I have been walking side by side with over the years. Over the next week or two I will be sharing the voices and stories of powerful and courageous women who have been deeply committed to getting to know and journeying home to themselves through circles, retreats, courses and one on one work with me. May this series be a celebration of these women’s dedication, devotion and transformation, and may it inspire hope for those who are seeking support and sisterhood on their journey.



I am so incredibly fortunate that I have been able to have the opportunity to be home with my children since my first child was born, eight and half years ago. While the beauty and privilege of this is not lost on me, it came at the high cost of losing my connection to Self. I was with my children all day, and they “slept” with me at night (both of my children woke frequently all night long). I was tired, drained and a tad resentful. There was definitely beauty and Love in my days…


…but something in me was yearning to connect with the woman I “used” to be. I was deeply wanting to re-connect with Her; grow with Her; and, connect deeper to Source.


I recognized that I needed help to do this, so I started seeking out Women’s Retreats. All that I came across, were one week retreats that were astronomically priced – I couldn’t be away that long from my nursing child, nor could I afford such an expense. Everything in my being knew what I needed, but I didn’t know how to find it. As divinity would have it, I was then connected to Miranda’s Women’s Circles. I was So.Excited.


I went to my first Circle, and what transpired, resonated with me on such an incredibly deep level.


I wanted to jump up and down, twirl and shout to the heavens – I found it! I found what I was searching for! This group of Women, who had been Circling together for a few years, welcomed me with open hearts, big smiles and warmth. I immediately knew I was in a sacred container of safety, trust and Love. Everything I was searching for…craving…needing…was given to me in these monthly, sometimes bi-weekly, Circles.


Circle was led by Miranda, in such a way that she facilitated as a guide, operating through intuition, and a vast knowledge of both physiological and metaphysical teachings.


Miranda guided us through meditation, dance/movement, journaling, singing, chanting, group exercises and sharing. Not only was I re-connecting to Self and Source, I began on a path of Healing. My wounds were buried deep, so deep that I had no conscious concept of their existence.


The sacredness and safety of Circle allowed me to explore and immerse, in a way that was comfortable to me – I could be wide open or curl into myself. All was accepted AND supported.


My gratitude runs deep for these experiences. The shifts that have transpired in my Being, are immeasurable. Not only has my relationship to Self shifted, it has rippled into all of my relationships – familial, friendships, peers and my community.


These Circles are powerful.
These Circles are needed.
These Circles are upping the collective vibration.


I humbly bow my head in honour of witnessing the expansion, both of my Self and my Sisters.


♡ L 

L has been attending circles for about 2 years.


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