Heart-crafted + vibrationally attuned crystal & gemstone jewellery by Miranda Sophia

Find the hand-knotted + heart-crafted + vibrationally-attuned + intention-infused mala necklace or bracelet, wrap bracelet, or wire-wrapped gemstone necklace that was made through Miranda Sophia for you, or work with Miranda Sophia to co-create a beautiful custom piece to assist you through your journey of healing, integration and evolution. Whether you co-create a custom piece or are drawn to one that has already been crafted, your vibrational assistant is created with the intention of being for YOU.

Traditionally, malas were created with rudraksha seeds, Bodhi seeds, sandalwood, rosewood and even bone. They were to be used for meditation only and not to be worn (and especially not to be touched by others). We always honour the ancient traditions and our ancestors for the wisdom they have brought us and the life we currently live. And it is important that we also continue to evolve and use these technologies (malas) in the way that can most effectively serve us in our current time.

Malas created by Miranda Sophia are crafted with gemstone and crystal beads, and a rudraksha seed or sandalwood bead are often incorporated to invite in the ancestral wisdom and guidance of our past, as well as to infuse the piece with the vibrational potency that they bring (sandalwood also brings its aromatherapy benefits). Also used frequently are lava stones. Lava stone is porous, and applying 1-2 drops of a high quality essential oil to the stones creates a wearable diffuser. Essential oils increase the vibrational potency and healing properties of your piece.

While it's true that Miranda Sophia malas are beautiful pieces of jewellery to adorn your body and to use for your meditation practice, they are created to be powerful tools and technologies to assist you in shifting through patterns and programs that are no longer serving you, to co-create with you a life of joy and freedom, and to remind you of who you are beneath the stories, which is absolute brilliance!


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Hand-Knotted 108 bead malas

A mala is a set of beads used for keeping count while repeating a mantra, affirmation or intention. Manifesting Alchemy malas are heart-crafted using intention-infused gemstones to assist you in shifting your vibration and patterns. Whether you use your mala for your meditation practice or simply adorn yourself in it's potent frequency, your mala is your assistant on your path to wholeness and remembrance.

Sets of 108 mala beads are available in small (6mm) or regular (8mm) beads with a tassel or wire-wrapped stone.

Find a mala that has already been made for you in the Etsy shop, or message Miranda to co-create a very special custom mala.


Wrist Malas

Traditional mala bracelets are made with a a number of beads that is a derivative of 108. I have found that those numbers often do not create a mala bracelet that fits most wrists, so I infuse numerological vibrations into the malas in different ways.

Wrist malas are a beautiful way to wear your intention (or multiple intentions) throughout your day. With every movement and every glance, you are constantly being reminded to come back to your place, your center, your Self (all the while, the stones are working their vibrational magic within your field).

Available in small (6mm), regular (8mm), and large beads (10mm).

Wrist malas are generally not added to the Etsy shop, but you can find pieces for purchase on the Facebook and Instagram pages, or message Miranda to co-create your custom piece.


Wrap bracelets

Wrap yourself in the divine energy of gemstones hand-woven between leather cord. Stunning and powerful on their own, or pair with your favourite mala bracelets.

Available in small beads (6mm) and in 3, 4 or 5x wraps.

Wrap bracelets are currently not available in custom orders, but check out ready-to-ship pieces in the Etsy shop.

*Currently not available for custom orders


Wire-wrapped gemstones

With access to a wider range of gemstones and crystals than beads, we can co-create a wire-wrapped stone necklace for you to suit your specific vibrational healing.

Choose from silver, rose gold or bronze wire, a short or long chain, or a short leather cord or long suede cord.

Each stone is wrapped uniquely, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Message Miranda for your custom piece or find inspiration from previous pieces on the Facebook and Instagram pages.


1/2 Malas (54 beads)

For those who wish to adorn themselves in a mala, but the length of a full mala is not conducive to work or life environment, I have created half malas.

Hand-knotted with 54 beads and a wire-wrapped gemstone, a half mala can be used for your meditation practice (just thumb through 2x for the full 108 repititions), or to adorn yourself in the vibrations of the stones and your intention.

Message Miranda to co-create your custom 1/2 mala, shop ready-to-ship pieces in the Etsy shop, or find inspiration on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ps. Custom 1/2 malas can be created with a tassel or as a simple hand-knotted choker with no stone - just ask!