my favourite season is the fall of patriarchy

Sep 27, 2018


The fall of the patriarchy isn’t about women rising up and overturning men, it is about the patriarchal programming that runs deep within all of us. It affects us all and keeps us all stuck in deep suffering, pain and separation (men included). It is suppression, isolation, hierarchy, abuse, and so much more.

I have been deconstructing and dismantling the places in me where patriarchal conditioning and programming has it’s roots deep, where it expresses as racism, sexism, gender inequality, and all the distorted lenses it has given me to see life through. It doesn’t feel good to see and feel and admit these things within myself, but it’s necessary.

For the majority of my life I would have argued that none of these things existed within me. I would have given all the reasons and excuses why they don’t and why I am a good person and inclusive and want everyone to succeed and rise together.

This is not about whether we are good people are not.

It is about whether we are brave enough to walk into the fire.

Not everyone is. And that’s ok. The rest of us will keep doing the work until you are ready to join. Just as those before us did before we were ready.

I/we still have a long ways to go. But I am committed to clearing away the internalized abuse and discrimination towards myself and others that distorts the way I see, relate to, experience and express myself in the world.

It runs DEEP. Really fucking deep.

And I am devoted to the rise of the feminine within me. To becoming more love.

In order for that to happen, the places within me that are not love must be dismantled.

This is not about women vs men. This is about all of us walking into this fire together so we can burn up the hate and rise from the ashes into fierce self love, and stronger connections with spirit and each other than ever before.