The Heart of Creation Earrings




Ceremonial Adornments
living technology to support your becoming

The Heart of Creation Earrings

Handcrafted with:

Love, Prayer, Intention, Angelite, Labradorite, Blue Agate, Aura Quartz, Sterling Silver Ear Hooks, Sterling Silver Rose Charms, Nickle-Free Gold Wire, Nickle-Free Silver Findings


Channeled Through:

The Great Mother, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary



Sacral, Heart & Throat


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All adornments are handcrafted by me (Miranda) through ceremony, prayer and intention, channelled from different guides, collectives and beings. Sometimes I know who it is/they are, and sometimes not. I share in the description who was present for me, but what’s more important is who shows up for you and how do you feel?

The Creation Process:

Beginning with singing bowls, singing/chanting, meditation, movement, listening to channelled messages, intentional music, sometimes even sitting in a field (quantum) with a beloved friend to align with the energy that wants to come through, I then connect with a stone or collection of materials that have called to me and sit with the questions: “What wants to happen?”, “What wants to be created?” “What do you want to become?”  Through this prayer, I allow the process to unfold, piece by piece, stone by stone, asking “what now?” again and again. No matter how long it takes (sometimes days, a few pieces weeks), or how many times it needs to be reworked, or how many new skills/techniques I need to learn, this process is devoted to allowing each piece to come alive in the form it wants to become. The creation process is one of staying in relationship to what wants to emerge next, just as this piece, when placed on your body and within your home, will create a field of possibility for you to unfold into your own becoming. I always hold the intention for each adornment to be for a specific person, so if you meet a piece and it feels like it was made custom for you… it was. ❤∞✶


These adornments are made to accompany and support you in creating conditions for your own becoming, as you land more and more in who you came here to be, to  in this time of the Great Turning, the Golden Age. Adorn yourself with them for ceremony and ritual, which perhaps could include your walking around day-to-day life. Please treat them as sacred and take care of them as such. I recommend that they be hung up when not adorning your body and avoid water, oils and, for pieces that include wire-wrapping, it is best to avoid shirts that they can snag on. Cleansing regularly with herbs, sound, full moonlight, fresh air, prayer will help to best support the integrity of your piece.


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