yoga nidra – rainbow bridge


:: The Rainbow Bridge ::

This practice is dedicated to bringing you back into connection with the inner light of your awareness, to turning on your innate radiance to become a more effective and efficient receptor and transmitter of what you are desiring in life, to helping you shift back into alignment with Self and Source. It is an invitation to embody all of your colours, all aspects of yourself, so you may become unapologetically, wildly you in your full expression.

:: This practice is for you if you are feeling ::

-stuck or blocked -resistance to who you are

-like you are ruled by “shoulds”

-like you avoid, judge, or are disconnected with parts of yourself

-like you have to wear masks in order to be accepted (by others and yourself)

-disconnected from the Earth and from a higher power Source (the universal consciousness or life force that flows through, connects and animates us all)

-alone -separate or isolated from those around you or life in general

-out of alignment with your true self

-like you have forgotten (or never learned) how to love and cherish yourself

Many of us have learned that in order to win love and approval, we must shape and express ourselves in certain ways, so often forcing us to put on masks and fitting into square boxes to fit in. We discard, suppress and disconnect from parts of our story, personality, colours, faith, and so much more. These programs that drive and inform the way we live and experience life have been recorded and playing out since childhood (some since the moment of the spark of your inception.)

Use this practice to reprogram these deep unconscious stories, beliefs and programs to the remembrance that you are never alone, always supported and that you have everything that you need within you. We do this at a subconscious level, in the body, in the nervous system, not a mental level, so this practice is incredibly effected at planting seeds of change that will start to permeate all levels of your life. Do this practice regularly, as much as you can carve out in your life. I promise you will have such a greater capacity to be and love, and to move and co-create with life because of it.



:: About Yoga Nidra ::

Yoga Nidra is accessible to anyone. It is a guided meditation that is done laying on your back, supported and cozied up with pillows and blankets. Yoga Nidra means “sleep yoga”, however this is a practice of awakening. You will be guided through the 4 layers of your body (the koshas) – physical, subtle, mental/emotional, intuitive – and into a state of deep rest. In this state of deep rest, with practice, your body will fall asleep while your mind remains alert. When the body is asleep, it allows us access to the subconscious mind, which is where all of our unconscious (meaning what we don’t know) stories, programs and beliefs are held. These are the programs that have been collected and stored from the moment of the spark of inception, those that drive how we view and experience the world and then therefore create our world. You may fall asleep during this practice and that is ok, the subconscious mind is still processing, however, continue this practice until you can stay awake and process it on the conscious level as well.

Access to this yoga nidra practice comes with a short video with more information on yoga nidra and how to get yourself set up for the practice.


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