righteous rage and holy fire

Aug 30, 2019

Aries Season + Jupiter Rx lessons and medicine

Tapping into and accessing our Righteous Rage:

-The emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, malice.

-Our fight energy that allows us to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and protected (and yes this includes communities, humanity and our Earth.)

-The holy fire that fuels and drives right action for loving and sustainable healing, growth and change.

FAMILY, can we please get in touch with our righteous rage?!

We NEED it right now if we want to create change.

But rage can create more pain if we don’t learn how to work with it and allow it to burn wild.

Take your rage to a safe space where you can be heard and held and supported in finding or giving it direction.

Stop isolating yourself and thinking there is something wrong with you (there isn’t!) and stop throwing your rage around like wild fire and burning everyone around you.

If we don’t we will continue to perpetuate the trauma and resulting isolating (leading to chronic illness and life dissatisfaction) that is tearing us all apart right now. We are hurting each other by harbouring, denying, and suppressing this rage, and we will continue to do so until we step up and each take responsibility for our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

While it may be true that everything is in divine order and that everyone is doing the best they can, if you begin there, you are fully bypassing the righteous rage. Your fight power. Your wild instinctual nature. The innate primal intelligence that is wired into you for safety and protection.

I know that others may have hurt you with their anger or rage, but that doesn’t mean that when you tap into and reclaim yours, you will become those people.


You get to choose what you do with it. You can use it for good.


And we need us all online and ready to make change for the good of all.

Here are some ways you can safely access and process your rage:
-Find a TRAUMA-trained body-worker, therapist, coach
-Find a TRAUMA-trained circle or group
-Put on a few songs and let yourself dance, move, stomp, pound your fists, shake, growl, make noise. For a big expansion and discharge like this, make sure you are resourced before and after to prevent re-traumatization (if you don’t know how to do this, see previous two options.)

Information, support and community is out there and available to you.

You don’t have to wait until the hurt becomes too big or out of control, or you burn out or get sick to heal.