Sovereign Queen School:
Earth Initiation


A 10 week group program for Divine Feminine Leadership  
+ Post Traumatic Growth


 Our world is in a great initiation towards a living Heaven on Earth, and there are many who are being called to rise up as a leader in this new way.


This new expression of leadership, Divine Feminine leadership, begins within.

Divine Feminine, or yin, leadership starts with the remembering that life and health ARE happening without needing to MAKE something happen (or stop happening). It is being in relationship to what is present, and creating conditions for the natural unfolding and emergence of what already wants to happen:

More life. More diversity. More intelligence. More collaboration. More fluidity. More light.


 It asks us to first embark on the journey of becoming who we really are, to embody the medicine we are here to bring to our Earth, our children and future generations.


It calls us to rehabilitate our sense of self so we can sit on our inner thrones as Sovereign Queens and serve the world with who we are.


This journey requires us to meet, tend to and integrate parts of us that have been frozen in time from undigested traumatic experiences (personal, ancestral and past life), so we can land in our bodies in present time.

As this happens, history no longer needs to replay itself within us and around us, and from embodied present time, we begin the co-creation of the more beautiful worlds our hearts know is possible (h/t Charles Eisenstein). 


To become a Sovereign Queen, you need to be initiated back into the core elements of your true nature:


Remembering or reinventing the safety, stability & home base your inner-child most needed



Flowing relationally with others without losing your true self, awakening your senses and pleasure, exploring your desires



Owning & growing your leadership, fierce clarity, capacity to protect yourself, passion & aliveness, consensual choice 



Discovering your most mature inter-sovereign capacities to live, love & lead with others for the sake of the greatest good for all


During each initiation, we engage the Queen Clarity Sequence, a practice that employs five simple and doable skills to help you shift from confused to confident. 


These skills get practiced in ways that empowers and awaken your ability to sense, feel and know what’s real, what’s needed and what’s the most loving thing to do or say – in any given moment.

  1. Clear Mind – locate the simple truths of the moment

  2. Clear Vision – orient to your surroundings in a way that crystalizes and empowers

  3. Clear Curiosity – relate to yourself, your space and others with attuned capacity

  4. Clear Body – feel and honour your needs with somatic intelligence

  5. Clear Communication – own, trust and share your inner-knowing with maturity



When you join Sovereign Queen School, Earth Initiation, you’re guided through 6 powerful lessons that are taught in an experiential and integrative way. The pacing of the program itself will support your nervous system in developing the inner muscles of a new way of being. It looks a little something like this:


Week 1
Opening Ceremony, Orientation, Introductions & Intentions


Week 2
Lesson 1: Finding Solid Ground

Accessing and activating your Divine Blueprint of Health
Meeting and tending to your Queendom, your wholeness, all of you


Week 3
Lesson 2: Creating Conditions for Wholeness 

Creating conditions for life & health to emerge 
Divine Feminine principles for attuning to your innate intelligence 


Week 4
Pause, Q&A, Play, Digest

Review content and experiences, ask questions, play with the tools and skills you have learned so far


Week 5 
Lesson 3: Identify Trustworthy Support

Exploring the medicine of Cosmic, Animal, Elemental, and Nature guides 
Resourcing to increase capacity and resilience


Week 6
Lesson 4: Safe Body, Sacred Home

The intelligent ways your body & mind protect you
Curiosity as medicine, your body as living technology 


Week 7
Pause, Q&A, Play, Digest

Review content and experiences, ask questions, play with the tools and skills you have learned so far


Week 8
Lesson 5: Repair Trust

Boundaries & believing yourself
Differentiation & discernment 


Week 9
Lesson 6: Clear Communication Channel

Becoming your own medicine
Reclaiming the keys to your Queendom


Week 10
Closing Ceremony, Reflections, Preparation for Your Re-Emergence

-go from confused to curious

-learn how to leave survival mode and uncertainty and enter inner-knowing

-find your centre so you can learn to call yourself back when you start to spin

-increase your capacity to trust yourself amidst challenge

-rebuild a relationship with your body and your inner being as a tool for discernment and confidence

-begin to feel anchored to your powerful capacity to make decisions, stay on task and show up fully to your life 

-get to know your boundaries and limitations and practice speaking them out loud so you can feel safe showing up in and building new relationships

-laugh and have fun, without bypassing the real, valid, painful feels

-learn the value of slow, sustainable transformative process, as opposed to frantic rushing and fear-based healing

When our Queendom – our sense of self, wholeness and health – gets fragmented, injured and stunted through trauma, we tend to self-abandon and out-source our power, purpose, and worth to others. 


This can make relationships, parenting, and leadership messy, which can feel confusing because there is an unbreakable knowing within you that you are here to serve and love big. This likely feels amplified in our current climate of great change, chaos and uncertainty, where emotions and beliefs are being thrown around as Truths and possibly knocking you out of your own centre, purpose and Truth.


While you might think these things are happening at a conscious level, the truth is, they’re more often unconscious unhealed nervous system patterns from unresolved developmental, ancestral and past life trauma.


In order to heal the tendencies to self-abandon and out-source, you must create an environment of safety, stability, awareness, curiosity and trust for your body, your inner-child and your truest soul’s desires.


By becoming the adult and parent that your inner-child has always needed, you begin to build secure attachment within yourself. 


By resourcing what health looks and feels like in somatic earth-based practices, you remember the love of healthy relating. 


I am here to guide you, teach you, hold safe space for you and remind you of your inherent health and medicine when you can’t find it yourself. So you can embody your Sovereign Queen and step into next level of Divine Feminine leadership for the co-creation of Heaven on Earth. And you get to do this alongside a community of other courageous women who are walking this path beside you. 






12pm – 2pm EST
(10am – 12pm MT / 9am – 11am PST)

October 13th – December 15th, 2020

Via Zoom (live attendance recommended)



Single payment of


2 payments of 



90 minute Soul Embodiment Session  
To be used within the 10 weeks of the program ($180 value)


Tarot card reading from Dena Renea Evans of PenPal Tarot 
4 questions you are looking for clarity on ($60 USD value)


 If you require more flexibility in your payments, reach out to chat about if we can make that work.
There are a few scholarships available. If limited finances is the one thing holding you back, please reach out.
Cost is $673 in both CAD and USD. American price may vary by a few dollars depending on daily exchange rate.
*Invoices for second payments will be sent out November 3rd.


About me as your guide…

The Real:

Aquarius sun, Virgo rising, Aries moon here! My Venus in Sagittarius says I’m a confusing mix of lighthearted and serious and I think that’s probably the most accurate line in my whole chart (though they are much more integrated now, so it feels less confusing these days!)  I’m a mom of a 9-year old Leo sun, Capricorn rising, Taurus moon boy, who has been my greatest teacher and mirror. My pronouns are she/her. I live a 10 minute walk from the beach and Lake Ontario and it is an incredible blessing to visit Her each day. Sunrises and sunsets, cloud beings, bird teachers, wise elder trees and a variety of humans… bliss! And, I am holding a vision of community living with the Land in a forest green yurt that is fit for a queen. My life’s work and passion includes integrating galactic evolution with trauma resolution and shadow work. Becoming our true selves. 100% divine. 100% human. I believe that each person embodying their sovereignty is the medicine that the world needs right now. Variety is an essential part of this – gender, orientation, colour, culture, belief, path, flavour, style, message – I believe we need every human, every cell in our collective body, to know what organ they are a part of and BE that organ, embody that purpose, so our whole system can begin to work together in coherence like it never has before. And I believe in us. I have great hope and knowing that we are here to build something more beautiful than we can imagine. If you are here, I believe you are a highly trained soul who came here with a great purpose and mission and hold potent medicine for the collective, once you become it for yourself.

I’m really really stoked that you are here. Truly. It’s no small deal and I recognize and honour the bravery it has taken to get you here.


The Professional:

I combine my training in trauma resolution for embodiment of spirit (Alchemical Alignment), mind-body integration (chakra therapy), meditation and embodied movement with my experience of healing from complex-ptsd after leaving a narcissistic abusive marriage + chronic pain and health issues, to guide you through the Earth Initiation in a safe, confidential container that honours and reignites your own divine blueprint of health. 

I’d be so honored to hold powerful, clear space for your truth to re-emerge, your self-trust to grow and your inner-love to light up your life.


My teaching and coaching style includes (as reflected by current clients & students):

  • There isn’t a feeling of hierarchy in the learning atmosphere. She feels like a friend and sister even when teaching and guiding

  • She meets you EXACTLY where you are at

  • Super chill, not pushy

  • Incredible knowledge and a great resource of information in both science and spirituality

  • Gentle & fiercely loving

  • Permission-giving, invitational

  • Intelligent & empowering

  • Unique and unequivocally priceless

  • Her manner is driven with gentleness and love for humanity and the people she’s working with

  • Intentional and thoughtful with guiding her clients through their Hard Work with great consideration for their capacity and ability

  • Experience based (she teaches what she has experienced herself) and experiential learning

    • She’s a genius. She possesses an out of this world mastery, she’s precise and gifted, she’s got no agenda and she truly cares truly about you 
    • Working with this incredible angel in a human body is so inspiring


    My passions include (not in a specific order):

  • Co-creating and building community in all the ways

  • Creating more and more space for fun, play, laughter, and mischief in my life
  • Supporting humans and guiding them to meet themselves. Teaching and facilitating this is THE greatest gift and honour

  • Having an intimate relationship with Nature, being outside, visiting the lake and wise ancient grandmother trees by my place daily

  • Movement and being in my body (especially in shared experiences with other women) – dancing, walking, being on my mat, shaking, skating, sports all the things

  • Changing the world one small doable step at a time

  • Learning. Learning. Learning. I am first a student and learning and then embodying the wisdom (and then sharing it with others) brings me THE greatest joy (Aquarius sun, Virgo rising – makes sense!)

My Guiding Principles are:

  • Slow is sustainable, smaller is bigger.

  • Your NO is holy. Start there. You don’t have to. Anything. 

  • At the spark of your creation, your soul arrived within a divine blueprint that is always leading you towards health and wholeness. As trauma happens, your blueprint upgrades with the new route.

  • When you can’t remember or don’t know how, Nature and Spirit will teach you. 

  • It’s not too late. It’s never too late. Yes, you can. And you will. On your own time.

  • Women whose bodies have experienced abuse (personal, ancestral, past life, systemic) hold the keys, the codes and the medicine to deep, profound healing on our planet. We are the next wave of leadership in our world in the next decade. 

My training & mentors includes:

  • Alchemical Alignment: Trauma Resolution & Embodiment of Spirit with Brigit Viksnins (5 Levels)

  • Chakra Therapy & Mind-Body Integration with Anodea Judith

  • Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick (Level 1)

  • Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200 with Gaiatri Yoga

  • ReBloom coaching & trauma resolution with Rachael Maddox

  • 10+ years of devoted self-study in healing, trauma, embodied movement, divine feminine practices, psychology & the psyche, neurobiology, energy & quantum healing  

This is for you if…

  • You’re ready for your life to change – you need, want, know it’s time for you to rise

  • You’re open-hearted and open-minded to doing what it takes to come home to yourself

  • You want to reconnect with and source from your body, spirit and earth in your healing process

  • Your life is stable and grounded enough for to show up to this process and container

This is not for you if…

  • You’re resistant to learning new things

  • You’re attached to a transcendent out-of-body, ego-dismissive healing approach

  • You have an active addiction

  • You’re attached to making a toxic, abusive relationship work – you’re not ready to face the possibility of leaving or changing your life (you don’t have to have left your partner, but you do have to be willing for your life to change)


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the time commitment for Sovereign Queen School?

The number one guiding principle of this is that small, doable steps make for sustainable growth and that what you CAN do (without forcing yourself) is enough and you will receive benefits. That being said, here are the more specifics:

-Live sessions are 2 hours / week (pause/integrate/q&a weeks may be shorter)
-You will receive recorded 15-30 minute meditations throughout the program + optional homework pieces (ex: journalling prompts, small, doable commitment, Star Chart, embodied play, sound, breathwork, mantra, etc)
-Upon enrollment, you will receive a yummy yoga nidra practice (a guided, laying down meditation into deep restorative rest)


*If showing up for session time is all you can manage, you will still receive great healing! That is the important part, the rest is bonus. Some of you love to do it all and have the time and capacity for that, some are juggling life, health, kids, work, lawyers and being able to show up for the session itself is a miracle! Where you are at and what you are able to do is fully honoured here. No shame. No pressure or expectation. Just love and permission.

**If you cannot make it live to a session, you will receive the recorded replay (including in-person sessions). 


I would like more personalized support throughout, is that an option?

If you end up wanting more support throughout the duration of Earth Initiation, you’re welcome to book me for additional 90-minute one-on-one Soul Embodiment sessions at the offset program rate of $125/session (compared to a usual $180). Sessions are via Zoom. You can email me for the booking link.


What is your refund policy?

I offer a full refund within 48 hours of registration and after that there are no refunds, however you can transfer your spot to a friend. I appreciate your understanding!


Is there a Facebook group?

This will be the first round of Sovereign Queen School that does include a private Facebook group for connection, questions, sharing and support. You will receive the link to the group before the program begins.


Timing isn’t right, will this program be running again?

Likely yes, however I am not sure when. I follow the program’s right timing! 


What are my payment options?

1. Pay in full ($673).
2. Pay in two ($336.50 x 2). First payment is made upon enrolment and you will receive an invoice for your second payment on November 3rd.

*All payments are processed through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account with either your bank account or credit card connected to it.

**If you require more flexibility in your payments, reach out to chat about if we can make that work.

***There are a few scholarships available. If limited finances is the one thing holding you back, please reach out.


How big will the group be?

I love working in smaller group settings, especially for this work that is deep and tender. This allows for personalized care, intimate connections and space for each woman to be seen and heard. The program is limited to 15 women. 


I’m not sure I want to work in a group. Is it possible to do this work 1 on 1?

A group setting can be really validating, hearing other women share their stories and experiences helps you feel like you aren’t so alone in yours, especially when your story includes feeling like you’re crazy and have a lot of shame around it (a totally normal part of our awakening, maturing and growth process btw!). Being seen, heard and held by a group helps melt that shame that keeps you isolated and alone like no other.

However, if you don’t feel like group work is right for you right now (or ever), I would love to support you 1-1 in Soul Embodiment Sessions. You can purchase an individual session or packages here.

I personally believe that at some point, everyone needs 1-1 work in this way, as getting to the more specific, deep physiological stress responses that are trapped in your body requires a level of attuned detailed work that can’t happen in a group.

If a personalized 1-1 container feels like the right next step for you, schedule a free 30-minute feeler call with me to see if we are a great match to work together.


What will I need to participate?

Mostly just yourself! And Zoom available on your device with a working camera and microphone.
Some other things you may consider:
-A journal, maybe a special one just for the program
-Whatever helps you feel comfortable – clothing, pillows, blankets
-Perhaps an object (crystal, jewellery, totem of some sort) to keep as a reminder of your intention


I have more questions. What should I do?

Great! Schedule a 30-minute consult with me (we will meet virtually over Zoom) and we can chat about whatever is up for you and see if this program feels like a true YES for you (without pressure or expectation from me).

What students & clients have said about working with me:

I feel truly blessed and privileged to experience Miranda’s wholistic and supportive guidance. Her work has truly enriched my life, both personally and professionally. When working with Miranda, I always feel like I’m being heard intimately. I feel understood. She has a gift of listening intentionally, while holding intimate space without judgement.
I’ve never experienced such a relatable system as the Elemental Initiations. I had experienced a pretty horrific narcissistic abusive relationship in my teens. It was 3.5 years from ages 16-19, but the effects were long lasting, showing up in my current relationships and business 17 years later.  It took 3 years of attending circles with Miranda and doing a whole lot of other work on myself to even recognize what the relationship was and the way that the relationship and certain areas of my childhood were affecting who I had become. This showed up as constant people pleasing and over-extending myself, secretly and silently needing to  be accepted, seen, liked, loved to feel safe. In my business and family this looked like a deep codependency with needing to fix, help and heal everyone in my life – my family, my friends, my business. I was constantly aware of and needing to control other’s choices and behaviours. For most of those years, I had no idea that these things were playing out below the surface.  From the outside, people saw me as supportive, generous, funny, inspiring, resourceful, and extremely compassionate.  It has been walking through the Elemental Initiations and doing trauma resolution work that EVERY puzzle piece of my life seemed to click together and I was able to have the safe space to turn my great capacity for compassion inwards to heal at a deep nervous system and cellular level . This process provided me with great clarity, and seemed to ‘clear the path’ for me to move forward. Now, I am becoming more and more those things – supportive, generous, funny, resourceful and compassionate – but for myself, which in turn has me showing up more authentically with others and with more capacity to truly help them heal without projecting my power and self-worth onto them. And turns out, while this path is not easy, it is so much more effective this way!
Deep bow sister. In gratitude for all you’ve taught me and helped me process to clear the way for all my greatness.

With much love and adoration,

– Sovereign Queen T –

Working with Miranda has been a life altering experience for me and my family. I have 4 children and 2 of them survived a trauma ridden childhood of emotional abuse with their birth mom. About 4-5 years ago, it was all I could do to survive day to day. Keep the peace, manage emotions (often unsuccessfully) and make it until bedtime, then wake up exhausted and do it again. I was grieving. I wasn’t connecting well with any of my children. The days were long, and the nights were filled with tears and fitful sleep. There were good days, don’t get me wrong, but this wasn’t the life I had ever imagined for myself.

The SovereignQueen Sisterhood gave me back to myself.

I am learning to take care of myself, like really truly care for my needs. I learned to love myself. Once I could start to meet my own needs, I had capacity for the people I loved most. I had tools to help myself and also help my family. It’s not a smooth road, and there are hard days, but I know that those hard days are not insurmountable.

I am empowered to take control of my life and regulate my nervous system. I have also been amazed at how doing this work has impacted the people in my life. The ripple effects are astounding. My children are learning how to regulate, my husband is showing up differently. I have shared my tools with my sisters and mother and my nieces and nephews, and the shifts feel so good.

I am empowered to take control of my life and regulate my nervous system and help those around me.

– Sovereign Queen J –

 If anyone is feeling overwhelmed by life, the challenge of trying to stay centred and NOT GET TAKEN OUT by fear, shame and overwhelm when you have left a toxic relationship, consider working with Miranda Sophia and The SovereignQueen School.

To be led back into your body’s wisdom.
To help you honour yourself and your needs.
To learn how to listen to your own inner cheerleader who has your very best interests at heart.
To be heard and felt with compassion, to be reassured you are not alone, you are not crazy and there is nothing wrong with you.
To help restore you to a place of health and balance to support you through this beautiful but challenging time of your life.

This is something we all deserve. In fact it is our birthright.

– Sovereign Queen L –

Working with Miranda is… genius. She’s a fucking genius. She possesses an out of this world mastery, she’s precise and gifted, she’s got no agenda and she truly cares truly about you.  I love her as a person and a facilitator and I have no doubt that she is one of the earth’s most beloved healers at this time.

– Sovereign Queen E –

See you there sister?
I would really really love to do this with you!


In devotion to our Sovereignty,
Miranda Sophia xoxo

Soul Embodiment Practitioner + Creatrix of Sovereign Queen School for Divine Feminine Leadership + Post Traumatic Growth



From confused to confident
fragmented to free
welcome to the journey of embodying your SovereignQueen

ps. Do you have a friend or family member who you feel would benefit from this program? Feel free to pass on the invitation! (However, consider asking them if they are open to receiving it before sending!)