I cannot express in words how incredibly grateful I am for this collective. Miranda, you offer these magical classes that are priceless to our soul.
Thank you sweet sister✨ 🙏

— Tanya G., Janetville, ON

My time with Miranda is deeply connected, real, inspiring and powerful. Transforming Self, communities and the world, one truth at a time. Peace sister xo — Ashley T., Whitby, ON

The first thing that comes to mind when talking to Miranda is how genuine she is. She speaks with love always. Miranda has come into my high school to teach young women about the power of meditation (and many other things). She brings a sense of calm, peace, truth and awareness to her practice and her discussions. She is amazing! Can’t wait to have her in again next semester.

— Sarah Z., Courtice, ON

Miranda is a beautiful soul inside and out! I had the honour of attending a Meditation Mantra class and workshop. Miranda is extremely knowledgable and well educated. She ensures everyone feels comfortable no matter their level of expertise. I highly recommend her and cannot wait to attend more classes in the New Year

— Stephanie B., Grafton, ON

Amazing, educational and soul fulfilling mala courses and woman’s circles. You will always leave her classes changed forever

— Sarah M., Uxbridge, ON

Miranda is 100% ALL IN.
She is wholeheartedly committed to providing each student with the utmost innovative, wise and always supportive sequences. As a yoga teacher myself, I am always on the prowl for inspirational fuel that will assist my personal practice. MirAnanda Yoga classes offer both the priceless food for thought + Soul + the beginner’s-mind experience, as well as teachings that beautifully blend challenge with compassion! Eternally grateful. Life-long participant.

— Jenn A., Port Hope, ON

I love this woman!
So genuine and kind, her workshops and yoga classes are definitely uplifting and spiritual

— Leslie D., Port Hope, ON

Miranda has created a beautifully welcoming space. Her presence is unconditional and uplifting. She shares from the heart and her intentions are pure. I am looking forward to attending more of her Circles in the future! Thank you dear sister for playing your part!

— Nicole L., Fraserville, ON

I had the pleasure of a few hours spent with Miranda and a group of wonderful women doing a mala workshop together and couldn’t recommend this enough! She is such a light and wealth of knowledge with the hunger to always be learning and it shows! Her Malas are stunning!!! I wish I lived closer to join her yoga classes

— Chantal R., Toronto, ON

I met Miranda over twenty years ago, and watching her grow and blossom into a kind and beautiful soul is truly uplifting! Whether I’m attending one of her workshops, circles or yoga classes, I leave her studio with a warm heart, and feeling terrific! Thank you Miranda for opening your studio, and for your authentic and unconditional love and support.

— Melanie K., Whitby, ON

Miranda’s one of those people you can talk anything about! She’s very motivational and inspiring- I highly recommend taking her Mala Bead Workshop, as well: contributing to a meditation class by her, as it will change your perspective on a lot of things and the world around you.
I Love this beatiful human, from the inside & out!

— Rachel K., Whitby, ON

Miranda has helped to inspire me to continue on my journey to self love and finding my authentic self. A truly insightful, gentle and beautiful being.

— Stephanie H., Port Hope, ON

Miranda’s yoga classes will have you leaving refreshed, balanced and calm. I’ve never had a more beautiful experience in any other classes I’ve been to. Her passion for yoga and teaching spills out of her effortlessly. If you are an experienced yogi or a newbie, each class has a variety of levels and no matter what your background is, there is a spot for you! — Steph D., Bowmanville, ON

Doing yoga with Miranda has benefited me both mentally and physically. I love that Miranda runs classes with a calm, but also very focused approach, and I also appreciate the hands-on assistance that Miranda often makes throughout the class, which helps me perform the poses safely and efficiently. — Kasia C., Port Hope, ON

Miranda is such a gift to this world. She radiates light, passion and compassion. I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this magnificent human being. — Jamie R., Grafton, ON

If you are looking for a yoga class that nourishes your soul, then you need to take a yoga class with Miranda at MirAnanda Yoga. After every class, I feel more connected, more open, more hopeful. Miranda is a definite gift to the community and I wish her every success. — Louise N., Port Hope, ON




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