the aftermath

May 16, 2018

As the storm passes

She is left here

In the aftermath


It was a wild one

A violent one

A destructive one

Not much remains as it was before


Yet as she sits

In the aftermath

Bare naked and raw

With fallen structures around her

Rubble strewn in the streets

And nothing familiar remaining


There is a peace

A spaciousness

A sigh

A softening


The storm destroyed so much

And left a mess to clean up

There will be more to work to come


But she trusts

The one who made it through

As gracefully as one could


And she honours

The bravery

The love

The courage

The trust

That it took

To stand in the eye of the storm

While the world around her

And within her



And there is no rush

All there is now is space

To sit and wait patiently

For what begins to regrow

And listen for what wants to be birthed

Through her hands

And her heart


She does not know

This new world

For it has never been before


But she sighs

And she softens

And she surrenders into the spaciousness

Of the unknown


At peace for this moment

In the aftermath



-Miranda Sophia

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