The Dance of Coming Home

Sep 7, 2018

She oscillates back and forth

Between being frozen in terror, and in deep surrendered trust

Between being locked out of her body and space and clinging to things around her, and full and embodied in her power and wild sensual nature

Between confused and fragmented, and crystal clear, whole and commanding in her presence

Between dangerously ashamed with fortresses shielding her insides, and tenderly vulnerable and luciously raw

Between dying on the inside, and feeling alive for the first time

As she
Back and forth

Sometimes laughing with glee
Sometimes screaming in pain

One step at a time
She gets closer
To staying home

In her wild and alive and powerfully sensual self

And the swing between gets smaller

The gap continues to close

As she reconciles all of the pieces of herself

She continues to believe

That she was meant to be


And worthy of being loved

Every step of the way

Throughout this wild ride

Of being divinely human