tools for sensitive children in crowded places

Jun 18, 2018

Yesterday we were invited to Canada’s Wonderland for a sweet friend’s birthday party!

While very excited, I was also a bit uneasy.

My 6 yo has a hard time in crowds. Most trips we have been on that involve big crowds have not ended up being fun. Usually, and pretty immediately, his cheeks will get flushed, his eyes dilate, he gets spacey and often very (illogically) emotional. Meltdown central.

We have been through a lot of big change lately and on top of his already sensitive nervous system, he is learning how to regulate, stay grounded, stay in his own space and be full of himself (meaning filling up his space with him rather than letting others move into his space.) We have been working diligently with tools and techniques to support him with all of this (and I am a very proud mama at his willingness to learn, he has resisted until recently.)

So yesterday we went with our toolkit at the ready.

When we arrived, we did some visualization and prayer and used Young Living’s blend White Angelica (not show in pic) to ensure his golden bubble was around him and the space between him and the bubble was filled with golden light and his guides.

Next I rolled Vetiver down the back of his neck and along the ridge of his skull to reset his nervous system of any fight/flight or ungroundedness that had arisen into rest and digest.

The blend Valor was put on the insides of his wrists (his favourite because it’s blue 😜) with a big inhale of the aroma. I am finding that using this blend (which was formulated to bring balance to the chakras and polarities in the body/mind as well as align the spine) along with vetiver has been really effective lately.

We finished we Northern Lights Black Spruce, the oil of stability, and our very favourite oil, for a final shot of calm and ground (and so that we smelled amazing!)

I can’t believe what an amazing day we had. Even with the excitement, the waiting in line, the crowds, the food we don’t normally eat, the long day and hot sun, he did AMAZING! Near the end of the day, I could see he was getting a bit ungrounded again, so we did a top up. The rest of the day went so beautifully.

What a blessing to have these gifts at our fingertips.

If you are feeling called to add these to your toolkit at home, connect with me and I will help you get started.