welcome to the Sophia Sovereignty Sisterhood

Aug 30, 2019

I have been quiet over here for a while.


The last couple of months have had me rolling around in the labour of a body of work that I am birthing into the world for us, and in turn needing to amp up my self-care, devotion, prayer and stillness outside the world of social media. And it will be born just in time for us to be together in under two weeks at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre.


I feel incredibly honoured and excited (and a little nervous!) to share this system with you for the first time at at the end of the month.



the path for , that walks you through the Elemental Initiations that arise as you reclaim all parts of yourself and embody your .


This is not different than, but a refined and potentized upgrade to the work that I have been facilitating for the past few years.


There are natural, normal and necessary parts of ourselves that have been abandoned, suppressed, oppressed, shamed, denied, discarded, and injured that we must heal, reclaim and embody in order to step into our power, purpose, prosperity and love.


To learn more, check back over the next few days as I share with you the themes of the Elemental Initiations of Sovereignty that we will journey through together.


In devotion to our Sovereignty,
Miranda Sophia


Ps. There is one spot remaining!
Pps. This will likely be the last retreat that is not focused on supporting women who have survived a relationship with a narcissistic man, so if you have been feeling resonant with this work and that is not your story, this may be your last opportunity to do so.