what brought you here?

Mar 3, 2019

If you have arrived here in this online web portal of love and healing, or joined us for circles, retreats, or other offerings, here are some reasons why you may have been drawn to work with me:


You have a desire to know yourself more deeply and intimately.

You know there is more to life that what you see and experience currently.

You want to become a more present, available and loving mother, wife, partner, daughter, community member and you know it begins with your relationship to yourself.

You crave deep intimacy and belonging.

You have experienced an awakening and feel like you are alone, isolated and no longer belong where you used to.

You have been the ‘black sheep’ of your family and are searching for your true family, your soul family.

You have had a dark night of the soul, or hit rock bottom, or no longer know who you are.

You are seeking, and you may or may not know what exactly it is that you are seeking.

You have had a thread of knowing throughout your life that you are here for big things, to create new things, new ways of being and doing.

You have felt the intensity increase over the last few years and are needing support in moving through it.

You have experienced periods, or a lifetime, of depression and anxiety and have an inner knowing that there is more to this emotional business than what society has taught us.

You feel. A lot. More than just your own feelings, but of those around you and maybe even collective feelings.

You have a strong spiritual practice, but need support in anchoring it down into the reality of being human and moving through life on this plane.

You have a strong grounded practice, but need support in opening up to higher realms and potentials.

You feel disconnected from your soul and from that which is greater.

You feel disconnected from your body.

You are ready to reconcile with past or present traumas and step more fully into your power.

You are rebuilding your relationship with yourself, your body, your intuition, Spirit, and the Earth and are ready to take the next step.

You recognize the necessity of safe spaces and relationships to create a container where you can more fully access your heart and soul.

You are ready to begin or continue to move through layers of pain, grief, anger, and gain more access to your joy, pleasure and presence.

You crave deep connection and sisterhood.

You crave a place to be seen, heard, held, accepted, embraced and loved.

You feel debilitated by fear and/or shame.

You are ready to build a relationship with fear and shame where you work with them rather than them working you.

Your mind runs a mile a minute and often it is not being kind to you, maybe even abusive.

You feel the call to live more fully in your body.

You crave a more reverential life.

You desire to more fully learn how to work with and lean into your intuition and higher guidance.

You want to live a more full and alive life.

You see the potential in yourself, others and humanity.

You deeply believe in our collective potential to clean up this mess we have made and come home to ourselves, sisterhood and spirit.


What are your reasons that you were drawn here? Any of the above? Something that I missed? Please share below.


If some or many of these resonate with you, you may wish to join us at a retreat, circle, or to work with me 1 on 1 (connect with me via email to schedule a complimentary 15 minute feeler call to see if we are the right fit for each other.)