What could be possible in your business, relationships and life if you embodied the most whole, effortlessly boundaried, fully expressed version of yourself? 



I’ll tell you a secret…



It is already alive within you. It always has been.
It’s time to align with this version of yourself and step into what is possible.




We begin November 10th.

When you join WHOLE, you are saying YES to a journey, tools, skills, empowering nervous system education, and a community to support you in: 

✔ Having fulfilling work and relationships without the fear of causing harm or being harmed by staying true to who you are.

✔ Getting to know what’s yours and what belongs to others and maintain your sense of stability, clarity, truth, belonging and refreshed energy levels.

✔ Using your unique and authentic voice and gifts generously, AND to receive abundantly, energetically and financially, allowing you to feel radiant, alive and vibrant.

✔ Feeling just as nourished within your business as your clients feel when they work with you, receiving your own gifts and medicine first, then sharing from that place of fullness.

✔ Learning to trust yourself, by having advanced skills and awareness to meet and support yourself and whatever arises amidst challenges, so you can discern between your nervous system’s adaptive strategies (trauma responses) and your deep wisdom, intuition and Knowing.

✔ Having greater connection, nourishment and abundance in your business and relationships, and begin to orient to the clients, collaborators, and situations that are a match for this nervous system state.


✔ Knowing and staying oriented to your unique role and purpose that arises from the essence of who you are, guiding you to where your energy, attention and action is most efficiently and effectively directed.



This is possible for you.
It’s not just possible, it’s already who you are.
You just require small, doable steps with simple practices, some maps to orient you along the way, and the right conditions and support.

You can begin to build a momentum of healthy boundaries, reclaim your wholeness, and feel aligned, nourished and radiant in your business!




Maybe you have landed here on this page because you KNOW you have so much to offer the world, are DEEPLY passionate about it, and are SO ready to step into the next level of your heart-centred and purpose driven business, but you… 


  • find yourself avoiding, procrastinating or getting foggy around the things you KNOW you need to do in your business, even though logically you know how and maybe even want to, but just can’t seem to get yourself to do them?

  • have a hard time naming your boundaries clearly with your clients & colleagues around time, money & expectations. Saying no, or asking for more elicits anxiety or shut down?

  • identify with being an empath or highly sensitive, or are an energetic and emotional sponge, taking on everyone else’s “stuff”, causing you to feel depleted, and either spend a ton of time protecting & cleansing yourself, or limiting or isolating yourself to avoid taking on more?


  • are gifted at attuning to and meeting the needs of your clients, but yours tend to go unnoticed and unmet, or never quite fulfilled (by yourself and others) until it’s too late and symptoms such as resentment, exhaustion, and overwhelm emerge?

  • hold back your gifts, your voice, your wholeness, your confidence for fear of hurting others, or of being attacked, or because… you feel they don’t matter?


  • don’t yet know and trust your true yes and no, what is your intuition and what is a trauma response, and therefore don’t trust that you have the skills and capacity to advocate for your needs to yourself, around your business, and in your business?


  • feel like you have to *go go go* and always be “on” in order to be of service to your clients, and have a hard time being in the present moment because your mind is always jumping to what you can teach, share, or offer to others, or to that client session, or that one negative piece of feedback?


  • tend to shapeshift and prioritize  or become what other people want, what they believe, and what they think of you (or what you think they want, believe and think), even though you don’t want to, it’s so deeply engrained that you find yourself getting blown around and lost within yourself?


  • source your value and worthiness externally, based on how much you are serving others, how busy you are and how “successful” your business is?


You logically know what you need to do or how you want to show up, but when it comes down to it, you find yourself going back into old patterns of shrinking, shapeshifting, people pleasing, shutting down or freezing, fighting or losing access to clear communication.


These may be clues that your nervous system is communicating that there are ruptures and misalignments within your boundaries, needs, worth and voice.






What if by learning how to work with your nervous system and relational

 field, and building a momentum of experience with healthy boundaries,

new possibilities of relating and showing up in your business with more

 clarity and ease opened up?



Embodied boundaries are not just what you do, they are *who you are*. 


As someone who is purpose driven and infinitely curious, you have done so much work on yourself personally and professionally, but you find you come up against the same blocks and challenges again and again. This may be a clue that in order to meet your next level of business and relationship goals and desires, a deeper, wiser part of you is asking you to include the somatic (body) and relational realms. 

When there is a history held in your body and nervous system that has you defaulting to shapeshifting, people pleasing, self-abandoning, procrastinating, over-holding, shrinking and hiding, this affects the way you hold your boundaries, the way people experience and respond to them and the people and situations that we orient to in life (consciously or unconsciously). This can lead to beliefs, behaviours, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, and challenging relational dynamics that create repeated undesired outcomes in your business.

These are brilliant adaptive strategies that have allowed you to get to where you are right now! We celebrate and honour the intelligent and loving ways your body cares for you in WHOLE. And, if you are here, it may be because you are ready for a shift in these patterns and to re-write the stories and wiring held in your nervous system.

When you do, being healthily boundaried in your business becomes who you ARE, and what you DO naturally follows, allowing you to orient to and align with the clients, situations, and resources that match your soul’s greatest desires with ease.

You are at a threshold between what has been, and what is possible. 


Step through into a new reality, to discover & grow your unwavering stability, your wise knowing, your unshakeable worthiness, your effortless edges, your authentic voice and your magnetic radiance.

When you join WHOLE, you begin with your intention, what you are moving towards and growing into. Imagine putting your intention into your GPS as your next destination on your journey of life. Then press *Start*, and you land… here, now. Here is the arc of your journey through WHOLE towards this next most fully expressed version of you in your business:




◦ Curiosity, compassion and choice lead the way


◦ ALL of you is welcome


◦ Your NO is holy (you don’t HAVE to do anything)


◦ Deep listening at all levels is the norm


◦ Smaller is bigger (doable, digestible pieces with lots of space for pauses and integration is the name of the nervous system game!)


◦ You get to feel what it’s like to be held, attuned to and have your truth reflected, honoured and celebrated


◦ You get to fill, fill, fill with you, and be nourished deeply, so you can share your gifts and medicine from overflow


◦ You get time and space to attune to the innate wisdom that is always communicating with you, where pausing is a muscle you will develop


◦ You get to both satiate your hunger for understanding, and marinate in the Knowledge that emerges from direct experience


◦ You get to choose your adventure – just show up for the live sessions (that’s all that’s actually required), or pick and choose from the abundance of additional practices and resources between sessions

What’s included:

✔ 8 Live 2.5hr Sessions via Zoom
✔ Resource Workbook
✔ Nervous System Maps
✔ Partner Practices for Healing & Developing Somatic Boundaries
✔ Recorded Downloadable Meditations
✔ Recorded Downloadable Yoga Nidra Practice
✔ Weekly Journalling Prompts
✔ Support & Connection Between Sessions via Private Facebook Group
✔ Only 8 spots available

What’s included:

✔ 3x 1:1 Soul Embodiment Sessions for more personalized digestion and integration
✔ 8 Live 2.5hr Sessions via Zoom
✔ Resource Workbook
✔ Nervous System Maps
✔ Partner Practices for Healing & Developing Somatic Boundaries
✔ Recorded Downloadable Meditations
✔ Recorded Downloadable Yoga Nidra Practice
✔ Weekly Journalling Prompts
✔ Support & Connection Between Sessions via Private Facebook Group
✔ Only 4 spots available for this option

*Payment can be made via e transfer to awaken@mirandasophia.com (Canadians only) or credit card (invoice will be emailed to your upon receipt of your registration.) Your spot is only held once your payment has been made.

*Due to the intimate nature of this program, there are no refunds. If you have chosen the monthly payment option, you are committing to all 3 payments.

Session Dates & Info

Live group sessions are held on Thursdays via Zoom
9am – 11:30am PST / 12pm – 2:30pm EST /  6pm – 8:30pm CET

November 10, 17, 24
December 1, 8, 15, 22
January 12


The general structure of each session includes: opening song, prayer and orienting to the call and theme of the session, Guiding Principles, check ins & optional shares, Alignment Sequence (gentle nervous system stabilizing movement), meditation, writing prompts, small teaching piece, partner practice, closing song. There is a short break about halfway through the session.

*Please note that there is a 2 week pause between sessions 7 & 8 to give time and space for digestion and integration over the holidays and to slowly taper out of the container in the new year.

*In registering for WHOLE, you are committing to all 8 live sessions. Calls will be 2.5 hours. Scheduling time before and after calls is a great idea when possible to support your system in more easefully tapering in and out of session time.

*Live attendance is required for this program as it is interactive and experiential (treat it like an in person class). Please ensure you have done your due diligence to ensure you can commit to being live for all 8 classes. If there is one class that you know before registration that you cannot make, please email me to confirm before you reserve your spot.

In this program you will:

practice creating stability around staying in your centre, being true to who you are, what you need, and what your next right steps are


melt the places that have been frozen, or learned to over-hold for others, so you can reclaim your life-force, your creative flow, and your radiant aliveness


be in a container with shared agreements, creating a level of safety and clarity that allows for curiosity, compassion and nuance (for yourself and others) to naturally arise


learn maps and frameworks to help you orient to and navigate where you are in your nervous system, depathologizing your experience, and developing your inner muscles of coming back into your centre, into regulation, when challenges do arise


have opportunities to heal and repair past boundary ruptures and unmet needs, growing your capacity to meet your present moment with clarity, ease and choice


learn to discern the edges of where you begin and where you end, what’s yours to do and what’s not, and how to receive the same generous medicine that you offer your clients


learn and experience simple tools, skills and practices that will help you grow your embodied capacity to feel grounded, safe, clear and trusting in your body, relationships and business that you can continue to practice and master beyond your time in the program


learn how to track your embodied experience so you can discern what a “yes” and “no”, “I don’t know”, or a need for “more information or negotiation” feels like in your body and move from a mind-based way of showing up in your business, to one that centres your authentic truth and needs, so you can give with an open heart without risking burnout, resentment, ruptures or confusion 


have opportunities to bring your current challenges forward to be met and tended to with support, care and reflection and to re-write them into compassionate understanding, unlocking the gifts that lay within


practice communicating from your authentic embodied truth, rather than what you think you should say, or how you should say it, while maintaining connection, compassion, curiosity and clear boundaries


grow your capacity to be with the discomfort of the reality that not everyone will understand, agree with, or accept the medicine you bring to the world, so you can show up to share your gifts in a way that most aligns with your soul’s greatest desires and the people you are here to serve

What WHOLE is:

🌹 An investment of your time, energy and money that will cultivate fertile soil and plant intentional seeds that will continue to grow, nourish you, and unfold over time.

🌹 A slow, steady, delicious drip of information, experiences, growth and connection, with time and space for integration so you less and less swing from over-doing and big cathartic experiences, to unmotivated and collapsed.

🌹 Simple tools and practices that you are invited to continue to work with beyond the container to continue building a momentum of healthy boundaries, meeting your needs, and feeling confident, nourished, aligned and radiant in your body, relationships and business.

🌹 A safe space to slowly explore, unravel, meet and tend to all of your parts, from challenging to brilliant, at your just-right pace that honours your capacity.

🌹 A potent and intentionally held container where, as soon as you say yes and cross the threshold into the group field, you may already begin to notice shifts happening, new awarenesses growing, unconscious patterns being revealed to be met and tended to. 

🌹 A place to connect and grow community with heart-centred, purpose driven practitioners, healers, therapists, bodyworkers, coaches and business owners.

🌹 A space where ALL of you is welcome, where your NO is honoured as holy, where smaller is bigger, where you grow your capacity to take back and hold the keys to your temple and give back anyone else’s keys you may have been holding, and where your shares and experiences are held as sacred and confidential.

What WHOLE is not:

A quick fix or a 5 step “how to” process. Each session intentionally builds from the last throughout the program. And each session & practice could be expanded into a year’s worth of deepening exploration.

Presentation-style, mental-level learning. We work with the mental level in small, bite-sized pieces with nervous system & boundary maps, and integrate and experience it at a body level. 

A promise that all your challenging dynamics will be resolved after 8 sessions. Everyone shows up at different places in their journey and process, with different resources and levels of awareness, and they are all welcomed as equally important phases to be in. You will learn and grow skills and tools to meet yourself where you are, and continue to move in the direction of where your heart and soul are calling you to go.

A place to find all the answers and the “right” way to show up in your business. Curiosity, compassion & choice is the name of the WHOLE game, and the main muscles you will develop over the course of the program.

A space of hierarchy. We all show up in a virtual quantum circle, sitting shoulder to shoulder as sisters, equally wholly human, all with our own gifts and challenges. This goes for your inner experiences and parts of you too – while some may be more “aligned” than others, we don’t categorize them into good/bad, right/wrong. You get to be here for ALL of *you* throughout this program, tending to your needs so you can show up as authentically as possible within the group and within your business.

A professional training that gives you credentials to work with trauma within your clients, or to build your business. This is a personal development program that supports you in becoming more regulated, present and clear *in relationship to* your clients, business and related themes.













My experience in WHOLE was profound.

Before the program I was experiencing difficulties and deep traumas in many relationships and felt a disconnect and distrust in my ability to speak up or set any kind of boundary.

I felt unseen and unheard and not connected to my body and my needs.

Now, I’m able to connect to my inner knowing far easier, and am practicing using the many tools Miranda provided in my day to day communications with people to express my needs.

Miranda is a skilled gentle guide holding space to allow one to find their own path to healing, providing practical tools that can be implemented in daily communications.

If you are afraid of the word ‘boundary’ and have no idea how to move forward — I’ve been where you are. I highly recommend Miranda’s WHOLE program. She will ensure you feel safe, heard, and honoured. You will not only be encouraged to use your ‘no’ it will be celebrated. It is so worth the investment in yourself!

- H.C. -

I participated in Miranda Sophia’s WHOLE course and could not recommend it highly enough!

From the beginning, I knew we were held in such a sacred container. Miranda is a highly skilled facilitator–her attention to the subtleties behind what I shared allowed her to deepen the conversation and open up new possibilities for me. I always felt heard, understood, and validated. My “no” truly was sacred and holy in this program.

One of the major benefits of participating in this program is that I now feel much safer and more comfortable IN my body. Before this, I felt like I lived in my head. Now, I tune into, and have a greater awareness of my body’s sensations, and I am now honoring what messages my body is sending me, and trusting my body’s knowing more.

The most transformational part of the program was the practical exercises where we got to practice saying no and yes, really tuning in to having someone at the right distance (this was a new concept for me but was very informative), and ways to stabilize when I feel ungrounded or adrift. I find myself using these techniques frequently now!

If I had known before I enrolled what I would actually experience, I would willingly have paid even more for this course! It was THAT transformational! But you have to actually EXPERIENCE it.

While I think everyone could benefit from the information in this program (it’s about relationship building), I’d recommend this program to people that are aware that they don’t have the strongest boundaries, and are at the stage of wanting to learn the skills to set safe honoring boundaries.

- M.G. -

Miranda, in her uniquely gentle way, created a space where safety and authenticity coincided. In her natural flow and approach this course pulled together skills that are so often overlooked but are so wildly necessary in rebuilding boundaries and living an empowered life.

Having the opportunity to show up exactly as you are has changed the way I interact with the world. By taking small doable steps I have been able to reclaim parts of my life that I believed were out of my control.

I feel resourced enough to continue this work and knowing I can reach out to Miranda for additional support is a reminder that this work doesn’t have to be done alone.

I would recommend WHOLE to anyone who is looking for an inner state of calm.

- T.F. -



Let’s be together on the journey of healing and developing your boundaries from the the inside out, so your business and relationships can receive the BEST of you, rather than the REST of you.


We begin with a complimentary, no-presssure 60 minute Clarity Call to see if this program is the right-fit for you & meeting your intentions and if it is your just-right timing to embark on this journey.


With love,

Soul Embodiment: Integrative Trauma Practitioner & Somatic Relationship & Business Coach

Are we new to each other? You can learn more about me, my story, and my training and influences here.