wild protectress

Aug 30, 2019

“I like this one mummie.”

“What do you like about it?”

“You look scary.”

“Knowing that I can be this scary and fierce makes me feel safe – like if anything bad happens I trust I can protect us. How about you? When you look at this picture, do you trust that version of mummy to protect you?”

*Nods his head, eyes wide and in awe*

There is a lot of talk these days around inner peace, and letting things go, and surrendering, releasing negative emotions, etc.

But for someone who’s fight response has been shut down, over ridden, stifled or diminished, it is crucial that she unlock, reclaim, own and embody her anger, rage, NO… her wild protectress. Her ability to fight or flee when necessary. Because there are times when it is necessary.


Once we embody this aspect of ourselves, we don’t live there (though we likely need to spend some time rolling around in it), no far from it.

When we reclaim our FireSovereignty, our system can settle, knowing it will be safe if danger shall ever arise.
Then we can soften.

In this softening, the warm and melty goodness from the fire reignites our pleasure, our play, our confidence in who we are. The fire burns up the shit that doesn’t belong to us, it gives us the energy, passion, discernment to remove what doesn’t belong in our space, so we can invite in what we do desire, and then a lightness returns to our Being.

This is all especially true for those WomenLeaders of Embodied Divine Feminine Practices who are recovering from a narcissistic relationship. Her system has shut down to protect her from the continued attacks throughout the relationship.

She needs FireSovereignty more than other people, because her Body is her work.


She needs her Body and fire to come back online so she can transmit her medicine to her family, her community and the world. She is here to do big things. And the world needs her medicine.

That is why I will be coaching a small number of these women one on one for 6, 9 or 12 months containers. Together we will walk through the Elemental Initiations into her QueenSovereignty so she can step into her power + purpose + pleasure + prosperity + love.

Three 1 on 1 spots are currently available. Send me an email to set up a free feeler call to see if we are a hell yes to working together.

photo :: Nicolett Jakab