work with me


wholistic trauma integration + somatic relationship coaching


Soul Embodiment:

A re-weaving of body, psyche, soul & relationship. Digest stressors & challenges from the past so you can embody the most whole, adult & authentically expressed version of you in present time. Align with your greatest desires in relationships, your soul-led business & your life.



work with me


wholistic trauma integration + somatic relationship coaching


Soul Embodiment:


A re-weaving of body, psyche, soul & relationship. Digest stressors & challenges from the past so you can embody the most whole, adult & authentically expressed version of you in present time. Align with your greatest desires in relationships, your soul-led business & your life.


Soul Embodiment work aims to re-regulate your body-mind by fostering presence with your current self and experiences.


Regulation involves effective digestion, metabolization, and integration, leading to access curiosity, compassion, courage, calmness, confidence, clarity, creativity, and connectedness.


Lack of regulation signals past overwhelming experiences stored in the body-mind, expressing needs through symptoms.


This is a non-pathologizing perspective, emphasizing that it’s not about something being wrong, but rather something working in the best way it knows.


By attentively listening to your body’s story and providing suitable conditions, stuck somatic memories can be integrated, restoring regulation and flow.



A regulated bodymind is a self-healing organism, and as we move towards this state, symptoms dissolve, allowing your true self to emerge.



The innate wisdom within you guides the journey to mental, physical and relational health, nourishment, and contribution to collective evolution.


Let’s work together to listen and support what seeks to thrive within you.


Welcome! Thank you for prioritizing yourself. Soul Embodiment Sessions, rooted in a somatic approach to healing, offer assistance in integrating the mind and body, assist you in:


Repairing Boundaries: Address relationship ruptures, accidents, injuries, pre & peri natal, birth, and early life dynamics to understand and rehabilitate your felt sense of your own space and identity.

Transforming Relational Patterns: Shift from toxic, insecure attachment to secure, healthy love by rewriting repeating, unwanted patterns.

Cultivating Resilience: Develop a resilient sense of self through meeting unmet needs, regulating body and mind for stability in any life situation.

Embodied Freedom: Create conditions for safety, freedom, sovereignty, and ease in your body, mind, relationships, and life.

Trauma Resolution: Metabolize trauma imprints to their blueprint of health, addressing physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, and relational imbalances.

Authentic Communication: Find and use your authentic voice, enhancing communication skills for deeper intimacy in yourself, relationships, and work.

Empowered Purpose: Step into your empowered purpose and embodied medicine.

Through intentionally slowing down and nurturing both your inner and outer resources, while engaging in the transformative processes of somatically meeting, metabolizing, composting, and alchemizing undigested personal, ancestral, and past life history, you can achieve:

  • Less pain and stuckness: Experience more relief and flow.

  • Less numbness: Cultivate greater aliveness and creativity.

  • Less energetic drain in relationships: Attain more containment and vibrancy in your connections.

  • Less repetition of challenging relationship patterns: Foster more self-love and self-responsibility, co-creating conditions for nourishing relationships.

  • Less fear and contraction around passions and life’s work: Cultivate more right-sizedness, security, trust, and co-creative action.

  • Less reactiveness: Develop more empowered and compassion-centered responsiveness.

  • Less chaos and disorganization: Attain more stability, centeredness, and organization.

  • Less reliance on others’ opinions and judgments: Embrace being fully yourself and step into your purpose and gifts, deepening intimacy in relationships.

  • Less looping in challenging thoughts and emotions: Cultivate a practice of tending to what arises with kindness and gentleness.

Within you lies everything you need, waiting to be discovered. With the right attuned care, support, choice, capacity, and communication—coupled with the right distance, timing, and meeting of your somatic needs—you can unlock the transformative power of your nervous system and psyche.

Living the life you desire is possible at any stage, fostering new ways of being in your health, personal life, relationships, and work.

If this resonates with you, I’m here to accompany you on the journey towards a life filled with possibilities


1:1 Soul Embodiment
6 Month Container


1x 90 minute preparation session

✔ 2x  75 minute sessions/month over 6 months
✔ Total of 13 session (online via Zoom)
✔ Resources Workbook
✔ Recorded Stabilization Meditation


One-time payment of $3000 CAD
6 monthly payments of $550 CAD


1:1 Soul Embodiment
9 Month Container


1x 90 minute preparation session
✔ 2x  75 minute sessions/month over 9 months
✔ Total of 19 session (online via Zoom)
✔ Resources Workbook
✔ Recorded Stabilization Meditation


One-time payment of $4050 CAD
9 monthly payments of $500 CAD



Intro Toe-Dip Package:

3x 75 minute sessions
Get a feel of the work before committing to a longer container
*To be used within 2 months of purchase

*One-time only offer for new clients

One-time payment of $650 CAD 
2 biweekly payments of $325 CAD

WHOLE: Embodied Boundaries for Relational Ease 1:1 Container

✔ 6x 75 minute biweekly 1-1 sessions for boundary repair (to be used within 3 months of purchase)-
✔ Recorded Stabilization meditation
✔ Recorded Building Boundaries yoga nidra
✔ Recorded Embodied Movement Practices (based on the Alignment Sequence *Viksnins)
✔ WHOLE Resources Workbook
✔ Practices and Excercises for In Between Sessions

*This is a little different from regular Soul Embodiment sessions where you come with your individual intention and we meet what shows up along the way. This offering is a bit more structured and intentional with a theme, practice and recorded exercises (including movement and meditation) for each session, and meeting and digesting a small, doable piece of history.*


Session 1
ARRIVE: Beginning on Purpose

Align with your specific intention around boundaries, cultivate time and space to attune to your resources.

Session 2
STABILITY: Finding Solid Ground

Practice tuning into what’s stable, solid, simple and whole, so you can begin to feel ease, settling and differentiation (a sense of yourself) while with others.

Session 3
KNOWING: Meeting Your Worthy Needs

Practice feeling for the just-right time, space, attention, and care that your intelligent body is communicating. In meeting these needs, feel a deeper sense of understanding, validation and trust in your knowing and worthiness.

Session 4
EDGES – Defining Where You Begin and End

Practice feeling the edges of your body and your toroidal field (cell membrane), surrounded by layers of support and protection. Differentiate what is yours and what is not in a way that builds trust, so you can soften what has previously had to over-hold.

Session 5
EASE – Embodying Your Effortless Yes and No

Guided by the relationship you have built with your body, put your yes and no into practice in a safe and fun way. Develop trust with yourself and build a momentum of being heard and honoured in your yes and no, so your nervous system will begin to orient to relationships that match this way of relating.

Session 6
INTEGRATE: Embodied Alchemy

Revisit the intention you brought to the container, the resources you’ve gathered, the shifts that you’ve experienced and embodied, and allow time and space for integration.

One-time payment of $2000 CAD

3 monthly payments of $750 CAD

START HERE: Discovery Call – $65 CAD
We start with a 60 minute call as an opportunity to chat, ask questions and see if it feels like a right fit and your next right step to work together and which path would best meet your needs and intentions.
Get started by booking that here:


Payment Method:

  • Credit Card payments are accepted and securely stored in your file.
  • Canadians can opt for payment via e-transfer.

Monthly Payments:

  • A deposit equal to 1 month’s payment is charged upon commitment to your container.
  • Subsequent charges occur on the 15th or 30th of each remaining month as agreed.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

  • A 2 business day notice is required to avoid forfeiting your session.
  • Business days are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm EST.

Continuation Beyond Initial Term:

  • You are invited to continue as long as desired after the initial 6 or 9 months.
  • Please provide a month’s notice for spot retention or to contact clients on the waiting list.

Extended Support Options:

  • Negotiations for longer packages or weekly sessions are possible if schedule permits.

Client Load and Availability:

  • To ensure attentive care, a limited number of clients are worked with simultaneously.

Introduction Package:

  • New clients can opt for an intro package of 3 sessions to assess compatibility.
  • This is a one-time offering for those unsure about long-term commitment.

Sliding Scale and Financial Considerations:

  • Currently, there are no sliding scale spots available.
  • Contact for waitlist inclusion if financial constraints are a concern.


Without thorough understanding and education in the workings of somatic embodiment practices, the results can seem like magic.

Time and time again, I experience spontaneous epiphanies that seem to level up my entire experience of life during my sessions with Miranda.

It feels as though layers of trauma are being fully and completely peeled away, allowing my mind body and spirit the opportunity to heal what was underneath.

I can not describe exactly how this works.  I have been asking questions, and receiving very logical reasons as to why certain practices produce the results that they do.  I have a basic understanding, and all the pieces make sense, but as a whole, these practices have had absolutely breathtaking results in my life and my relationships, including my relationship with myself.

I came into this 12-session package with Miranda with one big huge massive desire – to heal my feelings around my relationship with my mom. I felt like if I could learn to love her unconditionally, and stop feeling triggered by the things that she says and does, it would be of tremendous value in my life.

I also could not really imagine what that would look like.

There was a lot (and I mean a LOT) of pain there.

Last week, for the first time in my memory, I was able to spend an evening with my mom and really enjoy her company. I was able to be with her with no noticeable triggers. I was feeling love and compassion, and at the same time, enough confidence in and love for myself that I wasn’t really afraid of being hurt by her. 

The session I had with Miranda right before this visit was focused on my childhood traumas with my mom. Some kind of incredible healing took place during that session. It was the next day I was able to effortlessly enjoy my mom’s company without fear or pain or disassociation.

It was profound. 

I have visited with, and spoken with my mom a few more times since then, and my triggers have noticeably reduced. Things that would have sent me into a spin only caused a minor reaction internally, which I was able to notice, before it dissipated on its own. NO CONSCIOUS PRACTICE….I didn’t have to try to do or think anything…

…something has changed…

Something has healed.

As far as I am concerned, despite the fact that there is some good solid science behind these techniques, I would still call them magical. As Miranda would say, they can be “both AND”.

I am so looking forward to healing other lifelong patterns I have been holding through this work. I truly believe this is a path to personal empowerment like none other that I have walked down…and I have walked a few!

It you have read this far, I probably don’t have to state that I would recommend sessions with Miranda to anyone who is interested in gently healing traumas, expanding their personal power and experiencing an overall improvement in their relationships with themselves, others and life in general.

Your heart will thank you.





Working with Miranda is… genius. She’s a fucking genius. She possesses an out of this world mastery, she’s precise and gifted, she’s got no agenda and she truly cares truly about you.  I love her as a person and a facilitator and I have no doubt that she is one of the earth’s most beloved healers at this time.”


“I felt like myself after I left our last session. I was struck at how all the pain, aches and discomfort in my body fell away within the first 15 minutes. The last few months habits from the past have crept in without me noticing, layering on a weight which I was not at all aware of until we met. I can feel that weight trying to creep back but have been more successful at keeping it at bay. It was really amazing to feel myself actually shed that weight, like a skin. I felt myself shift in how I could sit and speak. My backache and knee pain were gone. It was both a flash and a slow seeping away.”

– NC


“Working with this incredible angel in a human body is so inspiring. In a session with Miranda, she creates a container, my feet find the ground, I become stable and I can process experiences and emotions and find stability within myself. This stability allows me to also be a stable support for my family and closest people.”


“I have experienced a few group sessions, as well as a one on one session with Miranda.  I found that with her guidance I have been able to access and process emotions easily. Her techniques are gentle, yet profound, and I always feel more present and empowered after a session.”


guiding principles

1. ALL of you is welcome here.

From the parts of you that are grieving, angry, confused, uncertain, nervous to the parts that are ecstatic, joyful, playful, sensual, the parts that need space, and time, the parts that need closeness and care, and everything in between – ALL of you is welcome here.

2. Your NO is holy.

You don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING. Everything is an invitation, from sessions, to schedule to participation to interacting. Start by trying on your no, let yourself not have to, and see if a true, authentic yes emerges from there.

3. Smaller is bigger.

We get to get really honest with ourselves about what is doable. As Rachael Maddox says: “Doability does the damn things.” We practice the skill of meeting ourselves exactly as we are with compassion and care and slowly, in the right timing as determined by our bodies, walk ourselves, and eachother, home.

4. You hold the keys to your temple.

This time gets to be for you – for you to learn to listen to and follow your impulses, needs, desires and intuition, from the simple to the subtle. You are invited to hand back everyone else’s keys that you may have had to hold, and to take back your own. You are invited to tend to your own temple. This is a form of radical self-responsibility, but the kind that is rooted in compassion, does not bypass what is real around us and includes layers of support with “self” (rather than hyper-individualism).

5. This is a sacred and confidential space.

Everything that is shared in our time together is held as sacred and confidential. If there is something I would like to share for educational purposes, you will be asked for permission first.

My time with Miranda is deeply connected, real, inspiring and powerful. Transforming Self, communities and the world, one truth at a time. Peace sister xo

— Ashley T., Whitby, ON




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