Yoga + Meditation

Welcome to The Space, a healing & self-empowerment studio in Port Hope, Ontario that is dedicated to providing space - physical, energetic and emotional - for those who are seeking to remember who they are and their soul purpose in this life, alongside a sisterhood of support. 

In this intimate space, we can fit 7-8 students for yoga classes. Classes are currently being run though a 8-week registered Chakra Balancing series. .

Private & corporate classes + workshops are available upon request. For pricing and availability, please email Miranda:

Current series (Chakra Exploration):

Tuesdays @ 9:30am

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

Series begins September 11th


You are invited to join us for a transformational 8-week series of chakra balancing yoga practices! 

A chakra is an electromagnetic vortex of energy that is created from the major glands in the body. It is a center of organization for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life force energy. From birth and childhood, we learn different defense mechanisms that can cause our chakras to be deficient or excessive, and keep us in a patterns that at one point served us, but are no longer. Instead they keep us stuck and out of alignment with who we really are.

In this 8-week session you will explore 1 chakra per class (week 1 is an intro to the chakra system), and incorporate specific yoga poses (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), and bioenergetic exercises to unravel, open, discharge, charge, and bring more balance into each chakra. You will also learn to use mantras to reprogram limiting beliefs that govern each chakras, bringing you back into connection with your divine humanity. Class will end with a 20-25 minute yoga nidra to deeply integrate the work done during class. Practical tools and reflections are given as optional homework each week. This will enhance the work we will do in class and enable you to more effectively create new patterns in your life.

Each class is 90 minutes, which will allow time for a short discussion at the beginning of class, sufficient time to work through the poses, breathwork and exercises, and a yoga nidra (laying down, guided, deep meditation) for juicy integration at the end of class.


8-week registered series   $120 + HST

Drop in (when available)  $17 + HST

parking + Entrance

Though the address is 34 Payne Cres, the driveway is located on Centennial Drive. There is a rock with our address on it on the corner of the property. Look for the little wooden peace sign. There may be a couple of parking spaces available in the driveway and the rest is street parking. As this is a corner lot, there is plenty of space along the front of the house as well as to the east of the house. Please be mindful and respectful of the neighbours.

The studio is located in the lower level of our house. The entrance is to the left of the garage. Please come in, no need to knock! Our German Shepherd, Moose, may welcome you loudly from upstairs or the backyard. He is friendly and settles down before class starts!